Don’t Let It Go, Just Let It Be

I needed to let it go
The guy that broke my heart
The struggle of perfectionism
The fear of not-enoughness
The insecurity and comparing myself
Let it all go

Old me would have chosen to numb
I would have reached for a bottle
I would have put lipstick and heels on
And flirted my way out of feeling not good enough

I decided no more
I know better now
If I allow myself to feel those bad feelings
They will all go away

I did yoga
I meditated
I journaled
I screamed into my pillow
I drove really fast
I cried
I did everything right
And yet
He still crossed my mind
I still worried if I am pretty enough

Until my inner wisdom stepped in
And spoke so clearly
So that I could learn
That I was trying too hard

When we let something go
We put it down
We release it
No more effort is involved

So we cannot try to let go
We defeat the purpose
We have to learn to let it be

When the triggering situation crosses your mind
And you pour that glass of wine
Or you roll out your yoga mat
Or you put on your lipstick and grab that bottle of whiskey

Do it without the purpose of letting go
Do it as part of a process
Not the quick-fix antidote

It is beautiful to be determined
To leave the past in the past
And grow and move on
But the truth is
We do not have that kind of power

The mind works in mysterious ways
He probably will cross your mind again
You probably will wonder if your nose is too big

Just let it be
The natural flow will kick in
And those thoughts will move out
As easily as they moved in

When you allow yourself to be in pain
When you allow yourself to be sad
Or mad or frustrated
Without needing to fix it
When you allow it to just be
You find that you never needed to intervene
Flow is the nature of the stream

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