What To Do When You Love Someone You’re No Longer Supposed To Love

Camila Cordeiro
Camila Cordeiro

I miss you when I’m not with you and I miss you when I’m with you.

After a while I realized that I was more in love with our memories than the people we had become because of each other.

I wish to you ask you so many questions whose answers I’m not allowed to know anymore.

Are you happy?

Do you still listen to sad songs when you’re feeling low just to make yourself suffer more and more?

Do you still wish your plane crashes when you look down at the ocean from the sky?

Do you still want to kiss me when it rains?

Do you still disappear in the middle of the night because you feel like you don’t exist when the sun isn’t lingering over your head?

Do people you hate still love you?

Do you think of me when you enter your home?

Do you still pretend to be cruel so you won’t get attached to everyone you meet?

Do you still listen to Coldplay and dance with tears in your eyes?

Do you wish right at this moment we were still in each other’s lives like nothing happened?

Do you feel an emptiness in you like I do when your birthday comes and goes?

Do you feel me remembering you every single second of the day and night?

Do you still love with the intention of leaving without saying goodbye?

Do you still love with the fear of being broken once again?

Do you still wait for things to get better when there is no hope that they will?

I want to feel you sighing when I kiss you once again,

I want to wipe away the sadness dripping from your eyes,

I want to close your hands between my palms and sit like that through all eternity,

I want to make up for the time we were strangers on a train,
in a city filled with too much noise,
that we couldn’t hear our souls calling out for each other,
I want to catch all the thoughts of me that float around in your mind
when you’re not beside me,

I want to hear your heartbeat when I lie upon you
and you feel as if you’ve finally the airport in the fog after flying for what seems like a million years,

I want to become the blanket that keeps your cold hands and feet warm
when the snow is pouring like rain outside your window,

I want to lie beside you and hum songs
I heard on the radio last night
that reminded me of you,

I want to set you as my phone’s wallpaper once again,

I want to run my finger through your hair and on your skin,

But I can’t. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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