Wait For The Person Who Knows Your Standards Aren't Too Much To Ask For

Wait For The Person Who Knows Your Standards Aren’t Too Much To Ask For

I’m not asking for a fairytale. I’m not asking for a unicorn. I’m not asking for a prince who comes to sweep me off my feet. I’m practical and reasonable. All I’m asking is someone who wants a relationship the same way I do. No more games, no more uncertainty, no more mixed signals, no more second guessing what everything means.

I want someone who has found himself. Someone who has all his life in order. He has made peace with his past and is ready to move forward. He knows exactly what he wants and is ready for a long-term committed relationship with me.

I want someone who is kind, loyal and trustworthy. Someone who possesses honesty and integrity. Someone who takes care of his health, physically and mentally. Someone who is supportive of me but also able to call me out, and calm me down when I start freaking out. Someone with whom I feel safe, someone I can lean on when I need to and know that everything will be ok.

I want someone who makes me laugh and adores my quirks. Someone who is happy with my imperfections. Someone who lifts me up and makes me happier than when I’m by myself. Someone who wants to spend our time and future together doing the things that we enjoy. Someone who has my back and point out my blind spots. Someone who has reasonable baggage, accept mine, and help me ‘unpack’. I want someone to grow old with, my loving partner, who enjoys each other’s company. Someone who makes me feel that I’m the best thing that has ever happened to him. Someone who realizes how precious and fortunate it is that we have found each other.

I want someone who has time and puts in effort in getting to know the real me and building a relationship and future with me. Someone who loves and appreciates me beyond the physical appearance on the surface. Someone who communicates and never leaves me in doubts or ambiguity. Someone who understands and accommodates my love languages. Someone who puts ‘us’ as a priority. Someone who says I love you every night and proves it every day. Someone who is committed to choosing me, even on very bad days. I can’t promise it’ll be easy, because a relationship requires work and effort, but I can guarantee it’ll be worth it.

I’m bringing all these qualities to the table. So, until I find the right person to ask for all these, I’m going to keep hoping. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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