Thank You To My Real Friends Who Showed Me The Value Of True Friendship

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Thanks for being such an incredible person that you showed me how golden true friendship can really be, and how much incredible value it can add to my life.

Thanks for showing me that friends can share your happiness without downplaying it to make themselves feel better. Thanks for reminding me that I don’t have to hide my accomplishments so that you don’t feel bad about your failures. Thanks for being kind to me when I let my vulnerability show, instead of pushing my buttons. Thanks for building up my strengths when I need a boost, rather than reminding me about my weaknesses. Thanks for not bringing me down in front of new people, because you’re scared they might like me more than you.

Thanks for not pointing out my flaws when I’m all dressed up, because you’re unhappy about the way you look. Thanks for not making me feel like my achievements were easy to get because I’m ‘smart’ or ‘attractive’ or ‘lucky’ rather than because I worked really hard for them. Thanks for not making me feel guilty about saying anything good about myself, because that would mean that I’m vain and self-absorbed. Thanks for not making me feel insensitive because I wanted to talk about something positive rather than your endless drama. Thanks for respecting my opinions, because you don’t need to be right every time to feel good about yourself. Thanks for showing me that friendship can be fun and fulfilling, rather than negative and draining.

Thanks for not making me feel like my successes mean nothing, because just about anyone could do them. Thanks for not using my secrets against me, and telling them to other people when I thought I could trust you. Thanks for not talking over me and shutting me down, because you’re scared that I might outshine you. Thanks for empathizing with me with I fail at something in life, rather than being secretly happy that I’m doing just as badly as you for once. Thanks for being there for me when I needed help, and not making me feel needing someone makes me weak. Thanks for not using me to validate yourself to satisfy your ego-driven insecurities. Thanks for not taking and taking and taking from me, but showing me the value of giving.

Thanks for teaching me that I deserve real friendship because that’s what I’m willing to give in return. Thanks for reminding me that friends can be good, empathetic and kind. If it weren’t for you, I would never have known that friendship can be so supportive, enriching and meaningful. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have realized that I could walk away from friends who were never really friends.

Thanks for showing me the difference between toxic and true friends.

Thank you with all my heart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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