13 Guys On What Physical Attraction Really Means, And Whether Or Not It Will Make Them More Likely To Commit

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1. “There’s nothing worse than when you’re extremely physically attracted to a woman and you’re let down by the disappointment of her personality. Physical attraction means I like the way you look, for me to commit I have to like the way you think.” —Robert, 27

2. “Physical attraction is all about what you think when you first see her, but what makes a guy commit is everything he learns about her later on. And the truth that kinda sucks is, a guy will want to get to know you more if he initially likes what he sees.” — Alec, 26

3. “The physical attraction will make me want to have sex with her, not date her. If I’m going to date her, her looks aren’t one of my worries, it’s whether or not she’d set my car on fire if I were to ever break up with her.” —Kyle, 26

4. “Physical attraction isn’t all about appearances I’d say it’s all about connection. You can think a woman is really attractive, but if you go up to her and realize she’s a bumbling idiot who you have nothing in common with, your probably not going to be that attracted to her anymore. She could be the most gorgeous girl in the room, but if I don’t connect with her, I’m definitely not going to want to commit to her.” — Miles, 29

5. “I’d say if you immediately attract me, I will definitely want to sleep with you, but I’m not going to want to seriously date you until I’ve learned enough about who you are and whether or not you’re a good person. I won’t commit to you just because you’re hot.” — Peter, 26

6. “Hotness doesn’t cancel out the crazy. If she’s nuts I am not committing.” — Jake, 25

7. “I’m not going to date someone I’m not physically attracted to and I think that’s pretty standard for all men. Physical attraction just means my eye finds you aesthetically pleasing. What I’m physically attracted to the Joe standing next to me might not be, it all depends on what you’re into. And yes, if I find you physically attractive I’m going to be way more likely to want to have a relationship with you.” — Danny, 27

8. “Physical attraction means whether or not I think you’re beautiful, but I won’t commit to you unless your personality matches that. Yes, I’ll be more likely to want to talk to you, but physical attraction has no effect on whether or not I’ll have a real relationship with you. I’m not going to want to commit to you if I don’t like you, doesn’t matter if you look like Rihanna or Fiona from Shrek.” — Vic, 27

9. “I’d be lying if I said physical attraction had nothing to do with the likeliness that I’ll commit to someone. Yes, if you’re physically attractive I will be more likely to want to commit to you. Also, yes, if you’re physically attractive I will be more willing to ignore your annoying qualities that I discover later on. That’s just the truth.” — Gregory, 24

10. “Physical attraction plays just as big of a role in relationships as it does when you first meet someone. So yes, if I am physically attracted to you I will 100% be more likely to commit.” — Daryl, 26

11. “Hell yes it’s going to make me more likely to commit. Any guy who says otherwise is most likely lying. Yeah obviously I care about more than just looks, but if I’m not physically attracted to you, why the hell would I date you?” — Ronny, 28

12. “The physical attraction just reels me in. If you don’t have something to go along with it like an actual mind full of legitimate thoughts and opinions, I’m not going to want to stay.” — Chase, 29

13. “If I’m going to commit to her, I’m going to care more about her than what she looks like. Sure, it’s a plus if she’s beautiful, but the relationship will be shit if the best thing about her is her appearance.” — Dylan, 26 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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