33 Women On The One Thing They’d Tell Their Younger Self During That Terrible Heartbreak

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1. “Time won’t make you forget him, but it will make you realize he really wasn’t as great as you thought he was.” — Cristina, 28

2. “It won’t always hurt like this. Eventually it’ll just feel like you’ve forgotten something. And then you won’t even think about it at all.” — Casey, 27

3. “I’d tell her don’t let people so easily back into your life and heart because those who deserve your love and attention wouldn’t have left in the first place.” — Hannah, 25

4. “He’s allowed to leave, but you don’t have to wait for him.” — Katherine, 26

5. “Don’t let some asshole make you feel like you’re not worthy of love.” — Natalia, 25

6. “Realize who you were before him, and who you will be after him. And you will grow, you will change, you will start over, you will bloom, and you will understand that this is a page in your story that will Define you, but won’t own you forever.” — Madison, 28

7. “It’s going to hurt, and you can’t avoid that in any way. But you will come out of it knowing yourself so much better than you would have ever imagined.” — Amy, 27

8. “Don’t invalidate your pain because he never looked your way. It’s still real.” — Analisa, 26

9. “Always remember, the idea of soulmates and “The One” is bullshit. If we only got one shot at true happiness, we’d all be screwed. There will be many different people we love in our lives. Don’t put so much pressure on it being one person you love when you’re 22. There’s someone else. There’s always someone else.” — Meghan, 27

10. “Despite what you think right now, he’s not the only person in the world who can make you feel the way he did.” — Beatrice, 27

11. “The feeling of heartbreak might last longer than the relationship did, but I promise you won’t feel this bad forever. I promise you won’t forget what happiness feels like.” — Rachelle, 29

12. “There’s a better relationship in your future with someone who deserves you if you find courage to let go of boys from the past who don’t.” — Hayley, 28

13. “Don’t let the girls he dates after you make you feel less than. You are not them, and any comparison you make won’t change who you are, and thank god, because you are fucking fabulous.” — Ava, 30

14. “One day, you’ll look back at this and realize that his leaving led you to your own happiness.” — Grace, 27

15. “There’s so many things you wish you could say to him right now, but later on, you’re going to realize saying them won’t change who he is or the way he treated you.” — Allison, 26

16. “The Earth is still revolving around the sun, so.” — Penny, 26

17. “It took exactly 58 days to get over!!!!! He wasn’t even that funny!!!!!!!! gah” — Claire, 25

18. “Don’t spend money just because you’re sad. Take a nap instead.” — Morgan, 25

19. “There’ll be mornings when you’ll feel like everything you do reminds you of him, or days when you convince yourself that you’ll never move on. But you will. Day by day, little by little you will wake up and he won’t be the first thing you think about or the last thing that crosses your mind before you fall asleep.” — Dana, 26

20. “Value your time and who you invest it into. You can’t change someone even if you have the best intentions and loving someone regardless of how they treat you isn’t a sign of strength but weakness.” — Kay, 24

21. “If he didn’t love you the way you know you should be loved, you’re far better off without him.” — Paula, 29

22. “Sleeping with other people doesn’t mean you’re over him, and it doesn’t prove to everyone else you’re over him either.” — Nessa, 30

23. “There’s no time limit on ‘getting over him,’ take as long as you need.” — Jo, 28

24. “Make sure you eat before downing bottles of red wine or you’ll ruin your bathroom and won’t get your deposit back.” — Stacey, 27

25. “Don’t put your life on hold just because something or someone didn’t work out the way you thought it would. Keep going, keep living, keep smiling, breathing, crying, laughing, just continue.” — Reanne, 30

26. “You think having sex with random people will make you stop thinking about him, but all it will really do is make you feel more lonely.” — Bri, 24

27. “Believe when people tell you that you’ll be okay, because you will be.” — Jess, 27

28. “You won’t ever truly understand what ‘letting go’ means until you take a step forward. In other words, don’t let him keep you stuck in the past. Move on.” — Chloe, 27

29. “It’s okay to hurt, and to hurt like hell for a while.” — Olivia, 26

30. “One morning you’ll wake up and forget to count how many days its been since he left, and then one day you’ll just stop counting altogether.” — Nora, 24

31. “Every person who has his name is not a bad person, they just have the same name as someone who sucks and who hurt you.” — Emily, 24

32. “No matter how much you distract yourself with work, you’re still going to feel hurt and that’s okay.” — Lainey, 27

33. “It sucks that he told you, you deserve better, but he’s right.” — Nadia, 25 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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