This Is How Your Heart Breaks, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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(March 21st to April 19th)

Your heart breaks when someone tries to control you, when someone tries to hold you back from seizing every opportunity, from saying yes to basically everything. Your heart breaks when you’re with someone who can’t accept the fact that you crave adventure, and that you might not always want to go on those adventures with them.


(April 20th to May 21st)

Your heart breaks when people let you down, when someone breaks the promises you thought they would keep. You don’t trust people easily, and you’re heartbroken when people take that trust for granted. Your heart breaks with disappointment.


(May 22nd to June 21st)

Your heart breaks when your relationship starts to lose the fire it had when it first started. You don’t just need physical love, you need emotional love, and when your relationship loses the balance between the two, your heart breaks.


(June 22nd to July 22nd)

Your heart breaks when your feelings and emotions become too much for whoever you’re dating. You’re sensitive and you feel things deeply, but the same way your emotions occasionally overwhelm you, they overwhelm whoever you’re seeing too. The person who’s right for you won’t think you’re too much, and they won’t break your heart because of it.


(July 23rd to August 22nd)

Your heart breaks when your SO’s insecurities suddenly make them completely dependent on you. You make the most of life, you’re full of energy and you’re usually always happy so when your SO’s insecurities cause them to be irrational, jealous, or controlling, you realize they’re not right for you. You need a partner who is secure and who knows how to survive on their own. You don’t want to focus your attention on making sure they’re constantly okay, and your heart breaks when you have to.


(August 23rd to September 22nd)

Your heart breaks when your partner leaves because you won’t let them love you, because you’ve done a really good job at convincing yourself you’re unlovable. You tend to sabotage your relationships because you think you’re not good enough. You basically break your own heart.


(September 23rd to October 22nd)

Your heart breaks when you give more love than you receive. You’re fair, compassionate and easy to love, so when someone doesn’t give you the love that you deserve, you take it personally and think it has everything to do with you, when really it has everything to do with them. Your heart breaks when you fall for the people who aren’t ready to love you like you need to be loved.


(October 23rd to November 22nd)

Your heart breaks when people leave too soon. You have a tough outer shell, but your insides are like cotton candy. You need someone who will stay with you long enough to break through your, ‘I’m strong enough to handle everything on my own‘ exterior. Deep down you know you can handle everything alone, but you don’t necessarily want to. Your heart breaks when people don’t take the time to learn that about you.


(November 23rd to December 21st)

Your heart breaks when the person you’re dating can’t leave their life and travel the world like you can. Not everyone has the same adventurous spirit that you do, and not everyone treats each day as if it’s their last like you do either. Your heart breaks when you can’t find someone who loves and thrives with change as much as you do.


(December 22nd to January 20th)

Your heart breaks when people don’t take commitment seriously. You don’t date to have fun, you date to meet someone you can share your life with, not necessarily in a marriage and kids type of way but in a way that you want a serious, committed, healthy, loving relationship. Love for you is not a game, and your heart breaks when people treat it that way.


(January 21st to February 18th)

Your heart breaks when the person you’re dating won’t let you in. You are deep and intellectual and you want to get to know someone for who they truly are. When the person you’re dating is closed off and only lets you see what’s on the surface, you don’t know how to handle it. You need someone who lets you discover all of who they are, not just some of it.


(February 19th to March 20th)

Your heart breaks when you feel like no one understands you. You have a lot of emotions, and you like to express them in creative ways, but not everyone will appreciate your art (or the heart that goes into it). Find someone who may not understand all of your emotions, but is there for you to vent them, and will most certainly appreciate the way you express them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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