There’s You, And There’s Me, But This Is What Makes Us


I guess I’ll call it luck, because sometimes it feels more like disbelief. Sometimes I can’t believe that I met someone like you, that I’m lucky enough to have someone like you in my life, and even though sometimes I can’t believe it, there will never be a day when I’m not grateful that you’re here.

Because I’ll always feel lucky to fall asleep next to you. To feel your hand cover mine and your kiss on my forehead like an unspoken, ‘I love you,’ that makes me feel like I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. I’ll always feel lucky to close my eyes without that terrible feeling that you’ll be gone in the morning with no goodbye. And I’ll always feel lucky that I can drift into my dreams knowing that you’ll stay.

I’ll always feel lucky waking up next to you. To start my morning seeing your eyes meet mine, and seeing your smile directly after. I’ll always feel lucky to have my days begin with laughs that smell like morning breath and look like sleepy, tired eyes. And I’ll always feel lucky that the idea of getting out of bed feels a lot less exhausting because it’s another day of my life that I get to spend with you.

Because every day spent with you is a day I’ll always feel lucky to have. For every wonderful hello when you walk through the door and call me that stupidly sweet nickname you always do. And for every eye roll that tries to hide the smile I have after you say it. For every night spent cleaning the kitchen after a messy home-cooked meal that made our clothes and couch cushions smell like curry. For every hour of every episode we’ve binge watched of that show you’ve already seen but are watching again just for me, and every time I’ve relentlessly tried to get you to tell me what happens next because I can’t wait five more seconds to find out for myself.

For every day spent out adventuring in the city where our love first grew. For every weekend retreat to that special place where our phones don’t get service and we’re disconnected from the rest of the world as if it were made up of only you and me (and the dog). For every new thing I’ve showed you and every new thing you’ve showed me. For the very different yet equally interesting worlds we’ve both opened up for one another and for the life we’ve made together traveling between them, existing in both, growing in both, adapting and changing in all the best ways in both of these worlds, yours and mine, and making them ours.

These are the little moments that make up the grand scheme of who we are, you and me together. These are the little moments that make us, us. Because before us, there was you and there was me, each in our own little lives never knowing the other even existed. And then there was that day when I met you, the day when we met each other. And that will be a day I’ll never forget. But on that day when the weather was warm and your hand shook mine and our eyes met for the very first time, recognizing immediate attraction before acknowledging it, on that day we never knew there would be an ‘us.’ Because how could we?

How could I have known that from that day on you’d continue to surprise me? To make me laugh in ways I didn’t know I could, to make me feel happiness in ways I didn’t know that I could feel it. How could I have known that we’d grow to be best friends? To be the person we each share our proudest moments with, our accomplishments and celebrations, and to be the person we share our hardest moments with, our losses and our failures, our struggles and our flaws.

There was you and there was me, and now there’s us. And I love us. I love who I am when I’m with you and who we are together. And I’ll always feel lucky to have someone like you in my life. I’ll always feel lucky to be a part of us. I’ll always feel lucky to be with you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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