Please Don’t Forget To Love Me

I’ll love you like you’re my last chance. I’ll love you like I’ll never have another moment to love again, and the love I’ll show you so deeply, I don’t expect in return, but I will admit I want it.

I’ll love you like I have nothing to lose, and I’ll hope that loss is something I’ll never have to feel when I’m with you. I’ll love you like you’re going to stay, and I’ll try to pretend that I’m okay if you don’t.

I’ll love you in every way that I know how. I’ll love you in moments when you think I shouldn’t. I’ll love you when you’re weak, when you’re angry, frustrated or confused. I’ll love you when you feel unlovable. I’ll love you when you least expect it, and hope it’s when you most appreciate it.

So for all the ways I’ll love you, for each and every ounce of love that you will feel, please don’t forget to love me in return. Because we all show love in different ways, we all accept love in different ways, but when it’s missing we feel its absence.

And I’ll feel the love you don’t give just as much as the love you do. So please don’t forget to love me.

Please don’t forget how much I mean to you, and please don’t take my love for granted.

Please remember to show me love like you showed me love in the beginning, because no matter how much time passes between us, I hope we never forget where our love came from, and the reasons that it grew.

Please remember the little things you do that make me smile, and please don’t forget to do them. Please remember that the little things mean everything.

Please don’t forget to love me in the moments you think I don’t want you to, the moments when I’m quiet or detached, because even when it seems like I don’t want you to show love, I want to know that it’s still there. I want to know that you’ll love me when I’m cloudy skies and thunderstorms, not just sunshine and rainbows. I want to know that your love is consistent, even when my emotions are not.

Because this isn’t a matter of needing you, it’s a matter of wanting you, of wanting your love. And I don’t think reciprocated love is selfish, because we shouldn’t give the love we feel we deserve, we should give the love we wish to receive. So give me love because you want to be loved. Give me love because you love to love me.

Please remember why you love me. Remember how you love me, and continue to do so, and please remember that I will do the same for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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