8 Incredible Things You Learn About Love When You Find A Relationship That’s Real


Love is timing.

Love is not always convenient, the people you want to love, might not be ready when you are, but the right person will be. Love doesn’t wait, it just happens.

Love is revealing parts of yourself you never wanted anyone else to discover.

Love is vulnerability. It’s bringing down your walls and letting someone in because you know they’ll love every part of you rather than judge it.

Love is seeing the world in ways you didn’t see it before.

Love is acceptance. It’s trying new things you thought you’d never try. It opens your mind to how someone else perceives the same world you’re perceiving and accepting the difference. Love makes you consider what you didn’t consider on your own.

Love is caring about someone so much that it scares you.

Love is selfless. It’s not just putting someone else’s needs before yours, it’s wanting to. It’s the feeling of deep appreciation that this person is in your life, with the simultaneous fear of what your life would be like if they weren’t.

Love is encouragement.

Love makes you believe in yourself. It has faith in you. It makes things you thought you could only dream, become reality.

Love is not knowing what’s coming next, but continuing to love regardless.

Love will make you scared of the future, because you’ve finally found someone you want to share it with. And you will never know for certain who will be apart of it, and who won’t. You won’t know which love is forever and which love is temporary when you’re in the midst of it, and you won’t know where life will take the both of you, be it together or apart. You can only trust your feelings; you can only trust each other. Love recognizes the uncertainty of tomorrow, but the feeling of a love that’s real will overcome the fear of it.

Love is feeling.

Love overwhelms you with emotions. It’s feeling like your heart is melting and exploding all at once. One moment you’ll feel happy, another moment you’ll feel scared, and the next moment you’ll ask yourself what it is you’re doing, but the beautiful thing about love is that it allows you to feel.

Love is becoming a better person.

Love changes you. It challenges you to do better, to be better, to live life more fully, and once you become all of these things, love persists. It keeps pushing you. Love is relentless. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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