6 Ways You’re Ruining Your Single Years Without Even Realizing It


1. You focus on finding ‘the one’ instead of enjoying yourself.

You haven’t found him yet (or her) so bask in the glory of not having to worry about anyone but yourself. Dance with your friends like no one is watching, order some weird shot with a kinky name, wear what ever the f*ck you want, and all because you can, because you’re single and the only person you have to please is yourself. Being single is a good thing, a fun thing, enjoy it, because if you’re endlessly searching for your soul mate you’ll forget about all of the fun you can have along the way.

2. You constantly worry about what everyone else is thinking.

You want to know the sucker of all fun? Over-thinking what everyone else is thinking about you. Who cares?! Your single years are the one time you get to live life exactly the way you want to live it. So if you want to join a kickball league even though you’ve literally never kicked a ball in your entire life, do it. If you want to make a frozen pizza for breakfast just because you’re in the mood for it, go ahead. If you want to live life fully for yourself, and fully enjoy it, then stop worrying about what others think. The moment you stop caring about what everyone else cares about, is the moment you begin to realize what you actually care about.

3. You become career OBSESSED.

It’s fantastic if you find a career that you genuinely love; it motivates you in all ways, and fuels your energy, but when you become so obsessed with furthering your career that it takes up 95% of your social life, all of the fun your single years have to offer will be wasted. Find a career you love, follow your dreams and pursue your passions, but make a little room to enjoy your friends and yourself outside of work.

4. You only date one type, ‘your type.’

You’re single and lovin’ it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go on an occasional date. It doesn’t have to lead to anything serious, or mean anything more than drinks and a burger, but if you’re only going on dates with the same type of guy each time, you’re going to have basically the same experience every time (common-sense). Be open-minded. The fun part about being single is you can date whoever the hell you want. If you always find yourself dating guys who wish they were Harry Potter, then try giving the guy lifting weights at the gym who doesn’t know who Hermoine Granger is, a chance.

5. You don’t say yes enough.

Say yes when your friend asks you to go to a concert for an artist you’ve never even heard of. Say yes when the cute guy in front of you at the coffee shop asks if you’d like to get a drink or bite to eat some time. Say yes to all of the things you’d normally say no to. Try it and you’ll be surprised how much fun you end up having. “Yes.” *Life-Changed*

6. You spend too much time thinking about your ex.

Or worse you spend too much time trying to contact them. The relationship ended for whatever reason it did, and you have to accept it for what it is, an ending. It’s up to you whether you sit around and sulk, or get out there and continue to live your life the way you enjoy living it. Just keep telling yourself you’ll be okay (because you will be). Because a breakup is not the end of your life, and no relationship is worth your sanity, health, or emotional well-being. You are a strong person, and now you’re a strong single person, which has so much more to offer when you finally stop thinking about your ex. Go frolic and be free. Enjoy your single years, don’t waste them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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