50 Stupidly Simple Ways To Tell He’s Not Looking For Something Serious


1. Your contact in his phone is saved as anything that is not your proper name. For example, Susan Bar Redhead.

2. He says he’s moving in the next two months (somewhere far away).

3. He texts you at 3 am, “U up?”

4. He texts you, “Netflix and chill?”

5. He doesn’t do what he says he’s going to do. Simple things like, “I’m going to take you to this really good Thai restaurant.”

6. His tinder profile says Active a few hours ago.

7. He only wants to hangout at night.

8. He tries to have sex with you every time you hangout, even the times you say you’re ‘not in the mood.’

9. He hasn’t introduced you to his friends.

10. He hasn’t introduced you to his family.

11. He doesn’t ask you about any of your hobbies or interests.

12. He’s on his phone for half of your first date.

13. He tells you he likes to have open relationships.

14. He talks about other girls he’s ‘seeing.’

15. He pretends like you two aren’t dating when he’s with his friends.

16. He asks how long it normally takes for you to sleep with someone.

17. He gets annoyed when you don’t sleep with him on the first couple of dates.

18. He nudges you out the morning after the first time you sleep with him, saying something like, “Oh, I have a meeting for work at 9,” and it’s Saturday.

19. He gets obnoxiously intoxicated almost every time you hangout.

20. He blatantly tells you he isn’t looking for something serious.

21. He doesn’t remember important things you tell him about yourself and your life, like your job/profession, or how your dog died yesterday.

22. You two only hangout when he makes the plans. (He usually says he can’t make it when you try to plan something).

23. He calls you drunk all the time, and rarely ever calls you when he’s sober.

24. He only invites you over to smoke with him.

25. He’s already married or in a serious relationship.

26. He answers your texts 3 days later.

27. He talks about his ex constantly (more a sign he’s just not ready for something serious).

28. He avoids the, ‘so what are we?‘ conversation.

29. He’s been on bumble in the last two days.

30. He tells you he likes to keep things casual.

31. He tells you to meet him somewhere and never shows up.

32. He doesn’t ask to see you again after your first date.

33. He calls you the wrong name in conversation.

34. He repetitively cancels plans.

35. He becomes suddenly distant with communication early on in the (almost) relationship.

36. He has his read receipts on and is blatantly ignoring you.

37. You share way more details about your life than he does about his.

38. He constantly uses work as an excuse not to hangout with you. We’re all busy, but you make time for the people who matter.

39. He only wants to hangout when alcohol is involved.

40. You run into him while you’re out and he pretends not to see you (even if you made distinct eye contact).

41. He calls you babe within the first 2 dates (because he doesn’t want to mix up your name with the other 3 girls he’s seeing).

42. He never pays for you even if he asked you out on the date and picked the restaurant.

43. He makes excuses not to see you.

44. He barely looks at you when you’re talking, or he’s staring at your boobs the entire date.

45. He emails you instead of texting even though he has your phone number.

46. He says he’s not marriage material.

47. He is still in college, or acts like he is still in college.

48. He doesn’t seem to care about your problems when you ask for help, or advice, or just need to vent.

49. You feel like you’re annoying him.

50. You’re wondering why he hasn’t made an effort to see or speak to you.

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