You’re Not A Real Couple Until You Know These 50 Things About Each Other


1. When they need a hug, but won’t ask for one.

2. Their genuine laugh when they think something is actually HILARIOUS.

3. Their fake laugh when they’re trying to be nice when someone else is trying to be funny.

4. Things that make them feel really awkward.

5. What type of affection they respond to best, aka their love language.

6. How they act when they say they’re okay, but they’re actually not.

7. What they would or would never wear (their personal aesthetic/style).

8. Their go-to drunk food.

9. Their hangover cure.

10. How they act when they’re (secretly) unhappy.

11. Where they’re ticklish.

12. The type of compliments they love to hear.

13. The type of compliments they don’t believe.

14. Which friend they tell EVERYTHING to (because you’re basically dating that person too).

15. Which family member they love the most

16. Their go-to drink at any bar or restaurant.

17. How to make them smile when they’re sad.

18. Movies that make them cry every single time.

19. How they act when they’re (secretly) uncomfortable.

20. Things they have weird obsessions with, Harry Potter, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, math.

21. The smile they use when they’re not really smiling on the inside.

22. Memorable childhood moments.

23. The toppings they like on their pizza.

24. Nicknames they like to pretend make them cringe, but they secretly love when you say them.

25. How they act when they’re horny.

26. Turn ons and offs.

27. Their favorite sex toy.

28. Their favorite sex position

29. Their favorite piece of clothing on you that they wish you wore more often.

30. Things that make them extremely frustrated.

31. The one celebrity they’d make out with if you gave them permission (even though they’ll probably never meet them anyway, and this said celebrity most likely wouldn’t want to make out with them even if they did).

32. The type of gifts they like (some people are sincere when they say it’s the thought that counts, some people aren’t).

33. The type of gift to get them to say ‘I’m sorry.’

34. Their favorite physical quality about themselves, so you can compliment it constantly (at moments of insecurity).

35. Their pet peeve(s).

36. When to stop arguing with them (so they don’t emotionally shut you out).

37. Things that make them emotionally shut down.

38. What side of the bed they prefer.

39. What kind of pillow they prefer.

40. The games/sports they hate to lose. So you can excuse them for being a sore loser when you beat them at it.

41. Which friends they secretly hate (this also includes your friends, not just their’s).

42. Their biggest dream, goal, or aspiration in life.

43. Their worst fear/nightmare.

44. If they’re a dog or cat person, or they hate animals in general.

45. How they like to wake up in the morning.

46. How they act when they need their space.

47. How they are around children.

48. How they feel about children.

49. How they act when they’re (secretly) embarrassed.

50. When they need to hear, ‘I love you.’ Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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