This Is The Truth About Finding The Person You Think You Could Spend Forever With


The truth is, you’ll feel the best you’ve ever felt, like some drug you’ve never taken that lifts you higher than you’ve ever been. You will radiate happiness and everyone around you will ask the cause. You’ll blush and tell them they’re all crazy, but deep down you know exactly why you’re exuding pure bliss, and it’s because of the person you’ve found that has made you think about forever, the person who has allowed you to see a future full of companionship rather than solitude.

The truth is, you won’t want to admit that the certainty is comforting, that you feel content because you know there’s potential for you to never have to be alone again, but you do feel a sense of calm in the prospect of forever.

The truth is, strangely enough, this comfort simultaneously scares you. You never used to mind being alone, but now that you’ve met someone you think you could be with forever, you fear the feeling of what may happen if you weren’t. And eventually you’ll get over that fear, because the closer you two become, the more you trust your connection, the more you trust that they’d never intentionally hurt you.

The truth is, you both will never intend to hurt each other, but there will be disappointments. Because while you feel a high you’ve never felt with this person, you will also feel lows. There will be shitty things that happen that neither one of you have any control over, and as much pain or sadness or blatant frustration that these shitty occurrences cause, you’ll have this very special person beside you the entire time.

Because the truth is, they’re there to encourage you, to tell you everything will be okay even if it won’t, to lift you up when you think you’ve hit the bottom. You’ll go through the highs and lows together.

The truth is, there will be arguments and disagreements. You both won’t always be smiles and laughter. There will be moments of exasperation, there will be tears you can’t explain, there will be annoyances you can’t avoid.

The truth is, even after all of the absurd arguments that seem to have no beginning or end, the love is still there. Because with the person you see a forever with, the love is always there. It’s there when they drive you crazy, it’s there when they mess up and say the wrong thing, it’s there when they are too stubborn to admit it. It’s always there, and you both know it, you both feel it, even when you’re both too mad to say it aloud.

The truth is
, occasionally you’ll both need alone time. You won’t want to be around each other 24/7 and if you are, you’ll both feel the need to escape. Because even when you share your life with someone else it’s okay to make time for yourself.

The truth is
, after your alone time you can’t wait to see each other again. You can’t wait to see their smile, to grab their face and kiss it, to light up when your longing is finally satisfied.

The truth is
, this person makes you happy. This person makes you think about the future because you imagine them in it. They make you imagine what forever would be like, because forever would seem a little less scary if you spent it with them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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