10 Things Men Only Do When They’re Never Going To Commit To You


1. He always has ‘other plans’ when you need him at important events.

That obligatory family reunion you have once every five years, that you don’t particularly enjoy going to, would be much better spent with a significant other, unfortunately for you, he already made plans to go see the newest Star Wars movie with his buddies. If he places trivial occasions (that could easily be postponed to any other day or night) before events that are particularly important to you, your family, or your friends, he’s more out than in when it comes to your relationship proceeding to a serious level.

2. He stays in contact with girls he’s previously hooked up with.

And I don’t mean exes, I mean one night stands. I mean the girls who have stayed in his bed long enough to maintain an orgasm but not a conversation. If he’s texting girls he has never had an amicable relationship with, but has seen naked, then chances are he’s not texting them in pursuit of friendship, he’s keeping them around in case things with you don’t work out. If he can’t end his temporary relations with other women he only has sex with, then he can’t be serious with you.

3. He isn’t excited to see you after time spent apart.

It’s okay to enjoy time spent without one another, but if he could care less about when he gets to see you again, he’s not serious about you. Someone who wants a real relationship with you will have trouble not letting you know how much they miss you. They’ll text or call when you’re away, and you will know that they care, you won’t have to wonder.

4. He forgets every important thing you tell him.

If he’s serious about you he will listen to you. He will care about the thoughts in your head and will remember things that matter, whether it deals with your career, your family, or your friends, he won’t make you feel like something you think is important, isn’t.

5. He only listens to matters that involve him.

If he’s not involved, he doesn’t care, which shows he cares more about himself than you and your relationship. The man who’s serious about you won’t completely forget or lose himself, but he will be capable of caring about things that aren’t centered around him and his universe. He will care about your life as well as his. He will care about the life you two have together.

6. His interactions on social media involve posts of half naked girls who he knew 10 years ago.

When he consistently likes the photos of that vivacious bombshell he went to high school with but never said a word to, it’s not because he’s cheating on you with her, it’s because he’s immature and doesn’t realize that you’d care, notice, or question. A guy who’s serious about you won’t feel the need to poke, like, or virtually hit on a woman through a screen, he’ll realize that you’re the woman he wants to be with, and won’t care enough to like a duck-faced selfie with cleavage that isn’t of you.

7. He is indifferent to your success.

When you work relentlessly for that big promotion and finally receive it, finally earn it, he will be your biggest cheerleader along the way and at the finish line. He wants you to succeed.

8. He makes you feel unwanted.

Whether it’s physically or emotionally, the man who’s serious about you will make you feel wanted. You won’t be wondering why he hasn’t called or texted, you won’t be endlessly longing for affection that he isn’t giving you, you’ll know he wants you. He will make you feel that he wants you.

9. He delays moving the relationship forward.

If he makes you feel like you’re relationship is reaching a dead end, it’s most likely because it is. If he wants to take the next steps forward, he will, you won’t have to drag him into things, or feel like you’re persuading him to do something he otherwise wouldn’t.

10. His actions make you wonder whether this relationship will last.

Despite what he says and the promises he makes, what do his actions tell you? It’s easy to say you’ll do something, it’s easy to talk about commitment, but it’s not always easy to demonstrate it. Consider what he does more than what he says because you can’t have a relationship with words and empty promises. The man who’s serious about you will show you love, and not just talk about it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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