19 Men Talk About What Makes Them ‘Suddenly Uninterested’ In Someone

Ever wonder why he didn’t call or text you back? Thanks to the guys over at r/AskMen, we now have the knowledge of why some men suddenly become uninterested…

1. Telling me how many other guys supposedly want to be with you

“Telling me that so many guys are chasing her or want to go out with her, that just makes me uninterested as it makes me feel inadequate because no one is chasing me.”

2. You’re always drunk

“If getting drunk and high is their only personality”

3. Your life on social media is more important than your actual life

“Social media obsessed. Cant you just stop taking fucking selfies and stop updating your page for one outing. Instant mood killer.”

4. Acting like you don’t care

“People who pretend they don’t care about things to sound laid-back or cool.

Was chatting to a girl from one of my classes the other day, and she was all ‘yeah, I never study, just look over notes for exams on the train that morning, LOL!’ despite the fact she gets some of the best grades in the class, and obviously studies lots. It’s university, you’re allowed to work hard.”

5. Bad listeners

“Besides smoking. If she can’t seem to remember anything I tell her, I take it as lack of interest.”

6. Obsessed with horoscopes and astrology

“What is it called in english when someone follows too much that thing about taurus, pisces and those others? yes, that.”

7. Smokers

“Smoking. A woman can tick all the boxes I can think of, but if she turns out to be a smoker, I’m out.”

8. The type of photos you post online

“Duck face photos online. Instant nope. ‘I’m a gifted photographer.’ Yep, So is every other girl I’ve seen with a camera.”

9. Too religious

“Unfortunately I’ve discovered as soon as I hear “God/Jesus/Cthulhu comes first!” I have almost no interest whatsoever. I’ve tried to be more open minded about it but I just can’t.”

10. Intellectually un-stimulating

“I don’t know whether this would fall under ignorance or lack of culture, but I became suddenly disinterested in a girl a couple weeks ago when she said on the first date, ‘I don’t read.’ We were talking about our vehicles, and I mentioned how I drive a real clunker of a car named ‘Rocinante’ after the unreliable, overburdened horse in Don Quixote. She had no idea what I was talking about. Upon further inquiry, it came to light that she simply does not read anything. No books, no news, no research, no magazines — nothing. I read almost anything I can get my hand on, and I couldn’t help but lose nearly all attraction for her when she said that.”

11. Immaturity

“Posting photos on social media showing how cool they are because they’re always getting drunk. I don’t mind drinking, but I find it really immature when people do that.”

12. Saying sorry too much

“Constantly apologizing for things, not because they did anything wrong, but because they are extremely insecure.”

13. Drama queens

“Drama. STDs. Mental illness. Presenting as weak or as a dependent.”

14. Whiners

“Complaining …ugh”

15. Claiming you’re being used for sex

“When she shames you for being sexually attracted to her and wanting to be intimate with her(have sexual urges for her) or when she says “All you want me for is sex”. I don’t deal with that type of manipulation, and when it happens the love is gone.”

16. Sloppy drunks

“When she can’t handle her alcohol. My ex never knew when to stop drinking. She’d start acting like an 8 year old, would throw food at people, and would drool all over herself. And of course the night would end with her crying all night for 1-2 hours. Amazingly effective at turning me off. There’s a reason she’s my ex…”

17. When you don’t like children

“Finding out she doesn’t like kids. Was into this girl until I found that out, and instantly lost any feelings for her. (Well, mostly. She still has amazing cleavage, and I’m only human).”

18. Your views on vaccination

“Anti-vaccine people. Happened to the last girl I dated.”

19. Talking about your diet

“Well as a vegan..” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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