This Is What Will Happen If You Take Her Love For Granted

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If you take her love for granted, she’ll take the first step towards walking away.

You’ll think she’s becoming distant, but you won’t do enough in efforts to make her stay. And then her first step will lead to a second and her second to a third, and before you know it she’ll have walked out of your life completely and you’ll wonder what you did to make her leave, because in your eyes you did nothing at all, but that’s exactly it. She left because of what you didn’t do, she left because she was smart enough, brave enough, to realize that she deserved better.

Because you weren’t her only option. She chose to love you for as long as you were willing to love her in return, and when you took the love she chose to give you for granted, she was unafraid to leave it all behind, even if it meant that she had to be alone. Because it wasn’t so much the loneliness that scared her, it was the fact that the love she had given you for all this time was wasted, because even though she proved to herself she was capable of loving someone, you didn’t prove to her that her love was worth it.

Because she showed you love in little moments that you thought weren’t big enough to mean something. But for her the little moments meant everything. It was the little moments that showed how much she cared.

She showed love like good morning kisses and little notes left on the fridge to make you smile. She showed love like covering you with blankets when you fell asleep on the couch and setting her alarm because she knew you’d forget to set yours. She showed love like holding your hand on train rides home because even though you were right next to her, she wanted the comfort of your touch. She showed love like goodnight texts on weekends spent without you, to let you know that even though she was dancing carelessly with friends, she was thinking of you.

She showed love in ways you took for granted, ways you only appreciated after she was gone.

And it wasn’t a matter of making her feel wanted, because she didn’t need validation through your desire. She knew you still wanted her, still loved her, and cared, but she also knew that even if it was never your intention to lose her, or push her away, she could no longer be with someone who made her feel like the love she had to give was incomplete.

If you take her love for granted, you’ll regret the love you were too oblivious to see, the love you were too oblivious to feel, to respond to. If you take her love for granted, hope that you’ll realize it before she’s gone.

If you take her love for granted, and in return she leaves, you’ll continuously wish you could go back. And if she’s the kind of girl who believes in second chances, you might have the opportunity to make her happy she gave you one. But if she’s the kind of girl who doesn’t look for love in a place where it’s already been lost, she will find love somewhere else. She will find love with someone who appreciates it from beginning to end. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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