Read This When You Want To Understand Why They Were Taken Away From You So Soon


I want to know why. Why a beautiful person like you, who has touched the lives of so many had to leave so soon? Why? I want to understand, we all do.

We want our questions answered as if they are the solution to our grief, to every emotion we’re experiencing, expressing in all of our different ways. But as all of us, as all of the lives you’ve affected so deeply, ask why this had to happen, we must remind ourselves to not worry about why, but to remember that your love will stay with us forever.

Because although we can no longer reach out our arms to feel the warmth, the depth, the comfort of your embrace, although we can no longer hear the lightness of your laughter, although we can no longer be moved by the magnificence of your creative expression, we can continue to carry the love that you have given us, the love that you have unendingly shown for everyone around you, this love we will take with us forever.

We will think of you in smiles, in laughter, and in tears, we will think of you in memories we all cherish, and in these hard times of whatever emotion we are feeling that we wish we could escape, whether it be sadness, anger, uncertainty, when we feel like our own weight is just too much to carry, your light will give us hope.

Your light will bring us an unexpected smile when we need it. Because when we feel like we need you, when we feel like we need your love, your encouragement, your inspiration, you will be there. You will be in our hearts.

I don’t know why you had to be taken away from this life so soon, but I know that you’re with us all. I know that your love is with us all, and will continue to stay with us all, with the lives you have touched, the lives you have changed.

I know that you are and always will be an incredible person. I know that the mark you’ve left will never fade. I may not be able to hear the lightness of your laughter, or feel the warmth of your embrace, but I feel the impact of your love. We all do.

And we promise to spread it, to share it, because that is how you continue to lift us all even after you are gone.

Your love lives in our hearts forever, and for that I feel absolutely blessed. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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