Love The Person You Can Have Fun Doing Absolutely Nothing With


He put his feet up on her coffee table and rested his head on her shoulder. It didn’t matter what was on the TV, it didn’t matter whether she was drinking herbal tea or wine, it didn’t matter that she was wearing an old stained t-shirt with sweats, none of that mattered, because when she was with him they could be doing nothing at all. It was the reassurance of his touch, the comfort in her laugh, the happiness felt in the presence of the other.

It was the love they felt simply by sharing their lives together, no matter what they were doing.

Their love grew in adventure, in doing things that were exciting, things that guaranteed smiles, laughter, things that automatically caused conversation. But those moments weren’t the ones where they discovered how much they meant to each other, how much they loved one another, and how much they’d change their lives for the sake of loving someone else.

Because while their love grew in moments of excitement, moments of thrill and spiked heartbeats, it thrived in moments of quiet, in moments of calm and silence, moments of nothingness. Moments that weren’t memorable at all, but moments that most certainly maintained the love that already existed. Because they didn’t need adrenaline or thrill to enjoy each other’s company. They had fun together while doing nothing at all. They loved each other in every moment, not just the exhilarating ones.

And as time went on, and the excitement of simply being with one another was supposed to wear down, when their love was supposed to become complacent, not weaker, but just different, they discovered that their love was more resilient than they’d ever imagine.

Because although she knew she loved him in drunken nights on dance floors and weekend getaways where they escaped reality together, she also knew she loved him after long days of work that ended in the comfort of his arms, she knew she loved him in lazy Sunday mornings of cooking breakfast and staying in pajamas all day, she knew she loved him when the moments that were supposed to be boring were better when spent with him.

Love someone who brings joy to the moments that are supposed to be boring. Love someone who doesn’t have to always make you smile, but supplements your happiness regardless of visible grins or audible laughter. Because while life might not always be exciting, it is better when they’re around. Love the person you have fun doing absolutely nothing with. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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