8 Reasons The Friend Who Always Has Your Back Is The Best Kind To Have


1. She understands when you’re uncomfortable.

Even if you don’t say anything. And she will do whatever she can to relieve the discomfort. When you run into the ex who broke your heart, she’ll either discreetly make an exit with you, or she’ll approach him and hit him (not literally) with an insanely witty line that he most likely won’t even comprehend. She’s like your personal Tum for uncomfortable social situations.

2. She won’t let you go to sleep angry with her.

She can’t bear to have you mad at her, and she understands the importance of open communication, so she will communicate with you relentlessly until you both reach a resolution to your problem. You’re her best friend, and she wants to be ALWAYS be there for you, even when you’re mad.

3. Sometimes you feel like an old married couple.

You share popcorn at the movies, you fart in front of each other, you’ve seen each other naked, you basically have a date night every other weekend that doubles as a slumber party with wine. Your friendship feels like it’s approaching its 30th wedding anniversary. The only thing you’re missing is a ring.

4. You know she’ll never judge you.

And this is why you tell her everything. She’s not going to shame you for drunk texting your ex, or drunk eating an entire pizza, she’ll listen, consider, and let you make your own mistakes, but she will never stop being friends with you because of them.

5. She genuinely wants the best for you.

For your friendship there’s no such thing as jealousy. You want the best for her just like she wants the best for you. Even when she’s just been dumped and you’re in the honeymoon phase of a new relationship, she’s happy that you’re happy, and she never resents you for it.

6. If something is important to you, it’s important to her.

She will show up for your graduation, she will call you on the anniversary of your grandmother’s death, she will answer the phone when you call at midnight because she’ll know that something is wrong. She makes room for events that are important to you because you are important to her.

7. She doesn’t make you feel bad for needing her.

When she helps you with anything and everything she doesn’t feel like she HAS to, she does it because she WANTS to. She knows that you would help her if she needed it, so she does the same for you. She makes you feel like a friend, not a burden.

8. You consider her family.

She’s more family than friend, and not because your family loves her and she loves them, but because no matter how often you get to see her, how often you argue, or how often you both make undeniably wrong decisions when you’re together, at the end of every day you love each other regardless. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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