11 Struggles Every Highly-Emotional Girl Who Doesn’t Know Why She’s Crying Can Relate To

YouTube / TheEllenShow
YouTube / TheEllenShow

1. When someone asks what’s wrong, you ask yourself the same question.

You honestly don’t know. You’re just emotional. There’s a plethora of possibilities: your mental clarity, your emotional well-being, your ability to recognize how and why you’re feeling the way you are, but you’re not about to dive in that deep end. You’ll stay cluelessly crying in the shallow end for the time being.

2. When you’re on your period, you’re an emotional head case.

That moment you cry during a political debate, enough said. You react to Donald Trump speaking like you’re watching Noah and Allie die together in The Notebook.

3. Certain types of alcohol bring up emotions in you, you didn’t know you had.

Whiskey makes you want to punch your ex, wine makes you want to call your ex, tequila makes you want to fuck your ex, rum…makes you want to be Rihanna. Drinking brings emotions out in you, that you’re completely unaware you were capable of feeling.

4. Moody takes on a whole new meaning for you.

You’re not trying to be a bitch, but your mood most certainly is making it seem that way.

5. You cope with your emotions in ways other people don’t understand.

Whether you write a poem you read the next morning that makes you say WTF, paint a canvas in all black, break your guitar strings, or spend your entire paycheck in one sitting of online shopping, the way you cope with your baffling emotions is often misunderstood. The good thing is, you don’t have to justify your coping mechanisms to anyone.

6. You’re often labeled as sensitive.

You might be sensitive, but you’re a multitude of other things as well. Sensitivity alone does not encompass your wide vocabulary of emotional antics. You become annoyed when someone says you’re sensitive, but it’s better than them calling you crazy.

7. You cry easily.

Which is exactly why people say you’re sensitive. You don’t just cry when you’re sad, you cry when you’re angry, frustrated, confused, lonely, you cry at most emotions that aren’t happiness (unless you’re crying tears of joy).

8. Sometimes you don’t want to talk about your feelings.

You have so many of them, that sometimes experiencing them is enough; talking about them would be exhausting.

9. Other times you can’t stop talking about your feelings.

Once you open those flood gates, there’s no closing them. You consider venting a pastime.

10. You’ve thought about therapy (if you haven’t already been there).

You don’t understand the way you’re feeling, so you consider getting a professional opinion.

11. You swear you’re not crazy.

You’re not crazy, you’re just crazy emotional, and you’re tired of trying to explain that to people. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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