7 Weird Things That Inevitably Happen When You Begin To Get Comfortable With The Person You Just Started Dating

Twenty20 / laurenbatty
Twenty20 / laurenbatty

1. You talk about each other’s bowel movements

When you first start dating and you mention anything about your poop including smell, size, how often, etc. you know you’re reaching a particular comfort level that you never would’ve ventured to had you not been officially together. Before you’re a couple your mindset is “I’m a girl. Girls don’t poop.” After you’re official it not only changes to, “Everybody poops,” it may even go as far as “Wow, I really need to take a shit right now.”

2. You hook up with each other even when you’re not ‘groomed’

If you’re hooking up with a guy who you’re just casually having sex with chances are you’ll be all taken care of in terms of hair removal: legs, pits…lady bits, but when you start to get comfortable with a significant other, grooming becomes less of a necessity and more of a luxury. When you’re in the mood, you’re in the mood and you could care less what hair you do or don’t have in that moment.

3. Leaving personal products that are made specifically for your gender at their place

If you leave tampons, pads, or any other product made for specifically for vaginas at his place, and he doesn’t mind or say a word about it, you’ve reached that comfort level. When he leaves his beard oil at your place, you know you’ve reached that same level on his end.

4. Farting

The first time you let one loose in front of your significant other, that’s comfort saying, “Hey, I’m here.” Whether it’s heard from a mile away or silent but deadly, if you two are openly farting in front of each other without a care in the world, you know you’re comfortable. Couples who fart together, stay together. Right…?

5. Sharing a toothbrush

When you forget your toothbrush one night sleeping over at his place and he gladly allows you to use his, he’s implying that your germs are his germs. Your germs are one, and no matter how disgusting or bad for your dental hygiene that may be, neither one of you seems to care.

6. Popping pimples

When they’ve got a pimple on their back and you go at it full force with both fingers until it pops just the way you want it to, you have reached that disgusting level of comfort that crosses most boundaries. When popping pimples becomes a form of bonding, you’re that couple.

7. Sharing embarrassing health problems

When you tell him to go to the pharmacy to pick up anything that relieves diarrhea, you’re not shy about whatever embarrassing problems are happening to your body. Your like a Pepto Bismol ad with no shame. Sometimes you can’t help whatever weird things your body does, and you’re comfortable enough with him to know he’ll understand that. Embarrassing becomes a word much less-used in each of your vocabularies. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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