11 Signs He’s Different Than The Last Guy (Or Guys) Who Screwed You Over

Twenty20 / nikmock
Twenty20 / nikmock

1. He’s not afraid to tell you how much you mean to him.

There’s no hesitation in letting you know how he feels about you. It’s not necessarily reassurance, it’s simply how happy you make him feel, and how grateful he is to have you in his life.

2. He doesn’t constantly ask you about your ex.

Because he’s secure enough to realize you’re no longer in that relationship for a reason. He doesn’t worry that you’ll go back to him, and he doesn’t question that you still have unacknowledged feelings. He is confident in your relationship and that’s all that matters.

3. He doesn’t talk poorly about his ex.

You shouldn’t find comfort in the fact that he hates his ex. If he talks poorly about her to you he’s showing signs of not only unresolved conflict, but immaturity as well. It means more if he can acknowledge his ex as a person who things just didn’t work out with. If he’s willing to talk poorly about someone who once meant something to him, to a person who currently means something to him, it isn’t a good sign. It’s okay for him to have sour feelings, especially if she was an irrational human being, but if he keeps it more to himself then you know you’ve got a keeper.

4. He isn’t hung up on your past.

He accepts the past for exactly what it is…the past. If he has a problem with it, he will leave early on. He won’t carry the relationship forward if he’s worried about who you used to be.

5. He wants to introduce you to people who are an important part of his life.

He isn’t hiding you from anyone, it’s the exact opposite. He can’t help but mention you to the people he loves most, and he wants you to meet them so they can see exactly what he’s talking about.

6. He doesn’t give you ultimatums.

He would never use something as a threat to leave you. He’s willing to compromise because he realizes that’s what a relationship requires in order to thrive. He isn’t looking for an excuse or an escape and he isn’t making demands that result in his withdrawal. He wants to be with you and his actions show it.

7. He isn’t overly critical.

He doesn’t make you feel like you’re not enough. He gives you recognition for trying instead of making you feel fearful of attempting anything at all. You’re not scared of his criticism because if he offers any it’s helpful not hurtful.

8. He likes to do things for you.

He won’t make you feel like an inconvenience. He doesn’t mind doing things for you because he knows you make him happy in return, and you’d do the same for him.

9. He doesn’t add unneeded stress to your life.

Pretty self-explanatory. It isn’t stressful to be with him, it’s easy. Your relationship is simple, not complicated.

10. He cares if you’re upset.

He doesn’t ignore your unhappiness, he attempts to understand it. Even if he can’t understand it he doesn’t make you feel stupid for feeling the way you do. He may not agree with your feelings, but he accepts that you have them.

11. He tries to help you with your problems.

No one’s life is perfect and he knows you’re no exception. Your problems aren’t a burden to him, and he wants to help you solve them. He isn’t the type to run away from his own predicaments, and he won’t run away from yours. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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