7 Things You’re Doing In Attempt To Bring Him Closer That Are Actually Pushing Him Away

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Constant, non-stop communication

Communication is key, but when you’re texting or calling him incessantly throughout your day about things that don’t really matter, like what he ate for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all his snacks in between, it’s less about wanting to talk, and more about you needing to be in touch with him 24/7. If you’re constantly in contact with him, even when you two are apart, it might make the moments when you’re together less interesting. It’s nice to know your partner is thinking about you, but if you’re thinking about them every second of every day, it’s a lot to handle.

Moving too fast

It’s hard not to be excited in the beginning phases of a relationship, but sometimes that excitement can lead to moving things along far too fast. He doesn’t need to meet your parents on the second date, and sometimes attempting to make things move faster will only make him want to slow things down. Give it some time.

Sharing very personal information too soon

You want to feel closer, but sharing your deepest darkest secret, might not be the best way to make that happen, especially in the beginning. If they don’t know you well enough, they won’t know the best way to respond, and chances are extremely personal information might make them feel a bit uncomfortable. Learn about each other gradually, and don’t force information out of them, this isn’t truth or dare, it’s your relationship.

Pretending to be uninterested

Sometimes people become more attracted to those who play hard to get, but that attraction is temporary. You can only play hard to get for so long before they actually ‘get’ you, and when they do, then what? Playing hard to get says it all, you’re playing, and if you want to find something real, playing games is counter-productive. You shouldn’t have to ‘play’ anything to make someone like you, and you shouldn’t have to pretend that the feelings you have don’t exist. He appreciates when you show interest, so be honest, but also be aware that honest feelings aren’t always reciprocated.

Drunk calling or texting

Those of us who drink know that our inhibitions become non-existent when we do, but drunk calls and texts can be annoying, especially if you just started dating. You’re thinking about them, which is flattering, but if they can’t understand what you’re saying it’s a little unappealing.

Saying you love them without actually feeling it

Saying the four letter l word obviously can bring your partner closer, but if you’re saying it just to say it, and don’t know if you truly mean it, the closeness you think it will obtain is purely your imagination.

Having sex with hopes that it will develop an emotional connection

If you don’t already have an emotional connection with your partner, relying on sex to create one may not be the smartest move. An emotional connection will happen organically, and usually when you least expect it. You shouldn’t have to use sex as a strategy. Your love life doesn’t have to be strategic, just let it happen. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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