11 Things Girls Are Reluctant To Admit That Prove They’re Falling For You Hard

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Twenty20 / camy93

1. Certain things remind her of you.

A TV show she’s watching, the character in a book she’s reading, the lyrics to a song she’s listening to, they all remind her of you, and even though she’s reluctant to admit it, it means she really likes you.

2. She thinks about you A LOT.

She thinks about you often, even if it’s briefly. The amount of times you run through her mind is relative to how hard she’s falling for you.

3. She casually brings you up in conversations with her friends and family.

She isn’t even aware that she’s talking about you when she does, but her friends and family most certainly are. Not to worry, she’s not revealing personal details about your relationship, she’s more so just bragging about how lucky she feels to be with you.

4. She imagines a future that you’ll be a part of.

She isn’t picking out baby names, or wedding rings, but in terms of future events, she’s imagining you in the picture. Holidays, birthdays, vacations, she thinks about how these moments will feel when she gets to share them with you.

5. She has most likely had a dream about you.

Her anxieties, her desires, her feelings for you are manifested when her head hits that pillow, and she most likely has a had a dream about you because of them.

6. She likes to look at photos of the two of you together.

She loves the look of happiness on her face when she’s with you, and when it’s captured in a photo, simply looking at it makes that memory come to life. Photos of the two of you together remind her how it feels to be with you even when you’re apart.

7. She likes to revisit meaningful texts you’ve sent her.

When you send her a text about how much she means to you and why, she will never delete it, ever. She’s keeping it so she can read it over and over to remind herself of just how wonderful you are, and how wonderful you make her feel.

8. She always wants more time with you.

Not in a needy way, but in a way that every experience is better when she experiences it with you. She wishes there were an extra hour of everyday she spends with you.

9. She likes to look good when you’re around.

She wants you to think she’s beautiful, and she wants to believe that she is when you’re together. She tries to look good when she sees you because she cares about the way you see her.

10. You make her want to be better.

She loves that you accept her for who she is, but you make her want to become something more. You make her want to be smarter, kinder, you make her want to be better in all ways.

11. She hopes you think about her when she’s not with you.

She wants to run through your mind the same way you run through hers, and when she’s not with you, she hopes that you wish she was. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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