7 Signs You’re Running From Your Feelings Because You’ve Been Hurt Before

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Twenty20 / blanch_vs_wild

1. You rarely ever openly admit you ‘like’ someone.

When your best friend asks how you feel about him, you’ll say you’re on the fence. The moment you admit you like him, is the moment you think everything will fall apart. Don’t be afraid to like someone just because you’re scared it will end the way your last relationship did.

2. When you do really like someone, you look for something to be wrong with them.

If you can’t see any red flags, don’t go looking for them because chances are they’re a figment of your imagination. You will know when something is off, and if you recognize it then it’s fine to run in the other direction, but if you’re only seeking what is wrong because you’re scared he could be right for you, you’re avoiding the way you really feel.

3. You tell people you’re not looking for a relationship.

Especially the people you’re dating. Before they even begin to think about having a relationship with you, you make it a point to tell them that is NOT what you want. You might think you don’t want a relationship, but when you meet someone that makes you wonder if you do, you might need to adjust your usual mindset. A relationship is half dependent on the other person, and if the feelings are clearly there, then why hide them? When you worry about how the relationship will end it prevents you from ever letting it begin.

4. You casually hook up with people you have no real interest in.

No interest means no attachment. Your casual hook up insures an easily said goodbye. When you begin to have feelings a goodbye begins to feel more like an absence than a simple farewell. You’d rather have unattached sex with someone you’re not into, than be left by someone you care about, but what you need to realize is not everyone will leave you.

5. You like to ‘keep your options open.’

You keeping your options open is another way of saying you’re too scared to settle on one person. It’s not because you think you’re too good for them, it’s because you’re scared you’ll eventually become unhappy without them.

6. When things don’t workout you pretend that you didn’t like them anyway.

Don’t kid yourself, you were enjoying your time when you were with them, and just because things didn’t workout doesn’t mean you have to act like you were never interested. What good are you doing yourself or any one else by refusing to acknowledge your true feelings?

7. You’re basically allergic to their feelings and emotions.

If someone you’re dating ever tells you the extent of their feelings or how much they enjoy being with you, you practically break out in hives. Don’t fear communication, there are plenty of people who would kill for their significant other to admit their feelings aloud. They’re putting themselves out there when they tell you how they feel, and they trust that you’ll listen. You’re not allergic to feelings, you’re allergic to hearing them. TC mark


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  • http://imjusttryingtolive.wordpress.com sarafroi

    This describes me

  • http://indepthwoman.wordpress.com indepthwoman

    If I didn’t know any better, I would say you hacked into my brain, lol. Why doI feel like this was directed towards me, lol..I agree with this except 4 & 5. I an afraid that if I meet someone, they might make me change my mind, as far as wanting a relationship. My last one drained me on every level. I keep meeting needy men, whether they have someone or not. I notice the red flags and run. It’s to much of an emotional investment. I did break out and get sick a few years ago when this guy wanted to sleep with me and was talking about me being a step mother to his kids and marriage and I only knew this guy for 6 days, LOL I had no clue he was married and had kids, he hid it, he was trying to move on from his wife and he chose me, and I didn’t even know he liked me.We never dated, we only had a conversation for a fee minutes years ago, so when he saw me again, he thought it was his second chance and was trying to rush everything, he felt he knew me, by some text messages and after being around me for 2 hours, he came to this conclusion that I was the woman he wanted. I keep meeting men like this, that keep trying to lock me down so a relationship is not what I’m looking for. My ex tried to marry me too and I dumped him. Living with someone and marrying them is not a way to keep a relationship under wraps and to fix things. I’m afraid that when I do meet someone and everything is right, that he will try to control me. So yeah, I say I’m not looking for one, so that it ends before it even starts…I’ll admit that.

  • http://indepthwoman.wordpress.com indepthwoman

    I read this like 6 times already, I can’t believe how true this is, LOL….I really need to get out of my own way, open my heart and be honest with myself, lol… It’s just so hard to put yourself out there and to trust again.

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