6 Relationship Problems That Never Would’ve Happened Before Social Media

Twenty20 / katiekhromova
Twenty20 / katiekhromova

We all know dating in the digital age is tough, and if it weren’t for social media, these relationship problems would cease to exist.

1. Whether or not you’re ‘Facebook official.’

If you’re not in a relationship on Facebook, are you even in a real relationship? Of course you are! Your relationship shouldn’t be devalued simply because you haven’t declared your love to a bunch of strangers on the internet. You should care about each other, not about who knows whether you two are dating. If you’re both confident and secure in your relationship, its status on the internet will be irrelevant.

2. Whether or not you’re in their profile picture.

When your significant other doesn’t have you in their profile picture it’s like a dagger to the modern millennial heart. Don’t feel as though they like you any less simply because you’re not default worthy. They most likely chose their profile picture because they look good in it, and they probably don’t think it means that much to you (because it shouldn’t). If it does mean that much to you, talk to them about it. If you mean that much to them, they will change something that means that much to you.

3. How often they like your photos.

“You didn’t even like it!” It’s more important that your significant other likes you, not your photos.

4. Who else is liking your photos (especially exes or previous hookups).

When your ex likes a photo of you in a low cut dress, of course your significant other is bound to get jealous. A little jealousy might feel good, and you can’t control who likes your photos, but that’s exactly the problem. A previous hook up liking your photo is the virtual version of them hitting on you, and you and your significant other both know it.

5. When they untag themselves from your photos or hide it from their timeline.

You’re thinking they’re cheating on you, but they are most likely untagging and hiding for superficial reasons, aka they don’t like the way their hair looks at that angle.

6. When they crop you out of photos.

The ultimate diss of modern dating. When your S.O. crops you out of their photos it’s like they’re cropping you out of their life. You have good reason to question why they’re doing it. Why would someone go out of their way to edit a photo to make sure you’re not in it? As insignificant as online etiquette might be in your dating life, it’s become the new reality of modern relationships. Maybe there is good reasoning behind it, or maybe they’re trying to tell you something. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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