Let’s Talk About Players And Sluts: 5 Differences Between Men And Women Who Sleep Around

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Twenty20 / Tima

1. Approval from their respective genders.

Women: Women don’t give each other approval for sleeping around with multiple people, they usually judge one another for it. There’s no congratulations waiting for the woman who sleeps around, there’s most likely just slut shaming and gossip. “Did you hear she went home with him Friday night? Slut.”

Men: Men generally aren’t as harsh as women when it comes to judging each other’s sex lives. Men are more likely to get a pat on the back, than a whisper behind it. They don’t mind if another man has sex with multiple people in one weekend, and they don’t gossip about it the next day. There’s no shame for how much sex they have, or who they have sex with, and they usually don’t have shame admitting it either.

2. Bragging rights.

Women: Women normally don’t brag about the insane amount of sex they’re having, especially if it is with multiple people. This is mostly because they don’t want to earn the reputation of a slut, so they keep it to themselves or only tell their closest friends. They aren’t going to talk about their walk of shame in the ladies locker room, especially if they have one every weekend.

Men: Men usually have less inhibition when it comes to admitting their very active sex lives because there’s less judgement from other men. The bragging rights come more easily because men don’t openly shame one another for the amount of people they sleep with.

3. Issues when they finally want to settle down.

Women: When a woman who has slept around quite a bit finally decides to settle down with one man, that man might not be so accepting of her promiscuous past. They may not trust a woman who has had a lot of partners, and they may also fear that they’ll run into a man she’s previously had sex with, in which case might make for some awkward interaction. It doesn’t get much worse than having to introduce your current boyfriend to your previous fuck buddy.

Men: When a man who has slept around quite a bit finally decides to settle down, a woman will probably defend his promiscuous past, or at least just think it’s typical male behavior. She may still have trust issues, or some jealousy, but she most likely isn’t going to break up with him because of his high number of sexual partners.

4. Age differences.

Women: Older women are definitely more hesitant to admit that they are sleeping with younger men. Again, this has to do with judgement. A 49 year-old woman is most likely not going to boast about the sex she had with a 24 year-old. She will probably cringe when she has to tell her friends how old he is, or rather how young he is, and they will probably cringe when hearing it.

Men: Men normally don’t have trouble admitting if they’re sleeping with a significantly younger woman. Obviously this is prevalent in the media with older male celebrities flaunting young super models on their arms, but even if you’re not famous, men aren’t shy to admit if they’re having sex with younger women.

5. Titles.

Women give one another the title of “slut.” Certainly men can give women this title as well, but that comes as no surprise. The difference is, that women call one another sluts, but men don’t normally call one another “players.” It’s usually only women who give men this title. And if a man does call another man a “player” they might not even take it as an insult. Women are called sluts by both men and women, but men are only called players by majorly one gender, women. When it comes to openly having a lot of sex, women use insulting titles against their own gender, and men don’t. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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