13 Crazy Thoughts You Have When The Guy You’re Not Officially Dating Doesn’t Text You Back

There could be a number of reasons why he’s not texting you back, but here’s what you’re probably thinking when he doesn’t.

Twenty20 / jacquiecooks
Twenty20 / jacquiecooks

1. OMG he hates me.

“He never replied to my ‘haha, oh.‘” Calm down, he doesn’t hate you. He most likely just had nothing to say, and will answer eventually. If he doesn’t, his loss.

2. He’s probably just with his friends.

He very well could be, and he doesn’t want to be tied to his phone while with the boys.

3. OMG what if he’s with another girl?

Sure, you two aren’t exclusively a couple so you both have your own freedom, but don’t let your imagination get the best of you. Stop guessing what color hair and eyes she has, because she might not even exist.

4. It’s fine. He probably forgot his phone at home.

You find it hard to believe that anyone could EVER forget their phone, but keep trying to make yourself feel better. Maybe he really did.

5. OMG what if his roommate is reading through our convo?!

You’re going through every worst case scenario. If he actually did leave his phone at home, I’m sure his roommate doesn’t care enough to rummage through his texts. If his roommate really is that creepy, hopefully he has a good passcode.

6. He’s just busy at work.

You know that thing you go to everyday from 9 to 5? That could have a lot to do with his lengthy gaps in responding to you. Not everyone is able to text while on the job.

7. Great, now when he does answer I’m going to have to wait another hour before responding.

You’re thinking, two can play that game. Try to avoid the games. Just because he takes two hours to answer you doesn’t mean you have to pretend to be unavailable. Maybe don’t reply within the first five seconds, but fighting fire with fire probably won’t help you in this case.

8. Maybe I’ll go on Tinder to kill time.

You’re sick of thinking about why he’s not texting you back, so what better distraction than swiping through boys’ photos like a picture book?

9. Now I’ll watch every single My Story on Snapchat.

Even that one kid you secretly hate, and haven’t talked to in years.


He’s starting to drive you crazy. Put the phone down before you do something stupid. Get out and do something, something other than going on Tinder and looking at Snapchats.

11. I’m going to be single forever.

Don’t start feeling bad for yourself because of unanswered text messages. Stay positive! There are worse things in life.

12. This fool better not be ghosting me.

He very well could be, but who cares?! If he is the type of guy who would ignore you, and never talk to you again he would be a waste of your time anyway.

13. Ugh, whatever. I wasn’t that into him.

Even if it isn’t 100% true, you’ll eventually convince yourself it is. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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