10 Unbelievably Fantastic Things That Happen When You’re Reunited With The BFF You Barely Get To See

Twenty20 / stopani
Twenty20 / stopani

1. Every time you’re together again, nothing has changed.

You could be apart for six months, a year, two years, it doesn’t matter. When you’re reunited everything is exactly the way it used to be. There is no awkwardness, apprehension, or hesitation. It’s as if you were together all along.

2. You both love playing catch up.

Love life, family, work, school, whatever details you need to fill each other in on, you’ve got all the bases covered. Unlike the friends you see everyday, you actually care to listen to the tiny almost insignificant details of your BFF’s life because you only get to see them every so often. You love listening to their story about the new flowers they just planted in their garden, no matter how boring it is, you haven’t seen them in forever. You could be listening to them talk about paint dry and you’d still love it.

3. Your inside jokes still make you laugh.

No matter how stupid they are. And you secretly love when no one else has any idea what you’re talking about because it’s been so long that you don’t care about excluding other people…until your BFF leaves.

4. You love reminiscing together.

When you both have been apart for so long, you love talking about the memories you made when you were together all of the time. Whether they went to your high school, college, or you met them at some music festival while you were both high on edibles, your shared experiences will never be forgotten.

5. You basically don’t sleep when they visit.

Sleeping would be such a waste of time! You two only have so many hours or days together before they leave, and you want to make the most of it. You don’t care if you have to drink 25 Red Bulls and take your little brother’s Adderral. The Red Bull withdrawal you have in a couple of days will be totally worth it for your BFF.

6. You do crazy shit when they’re around.

Things you normally wouldn’t do with the friends you see everyday, you do with your BFF that you only see once in a while. You both have that “I’ll try anything,” mentality because you don’t know exactly when you’ll see each other again. When the friend you see everyday says, “Let’s go streaking,” you say, “Your nuts.” When the BFF you haven’t seen in forever says that, you think it’s a wonderful idea.

7. You take tons of pictures.

The photos you have together are entirely too old, but since you only get to see your BFF every so often, you have to take enough new pictures to basically last forever. You take photos of everything you eat, every place you go, every product you buy, you pretty much have their entire stay documented. Every moment is a memory when they’re around.

8. You secretly love it when you find something they’ve forgotten after they leave.

Their skirt, their sweatshirt, their super thrifty keychain bottle opener, it isn’t necessarily what object they leave behind that matters to you, it’s the fact that they left something behind at all. Now every time you see it, you’ll think of them and smile.

9. You can’t help but think about them leaving again.

Even when you make a scene as you practically tackle them with your giant welcome hug at the airport, the first moment you see them, you’re reminded that they will have to leave at some point again. You try not to think about it, but you know the time to say goodbye will come sooner than you’d like.

10. You hate having to say goodbye.

You feel like a child being dropped off at pre school for the very first time. A severe wave of separation anxiety comes over you both as your BFF returns back to where they came from. You don’t want to let go of them on your last hug goodbye, but you know there will always be another hug to say hello. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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