10 Meaningless Things Guys Do That Make Girls Think They Like Them

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Amazon / Clueless

1. He likes your photos, repeatedly.

He likes your photo, not necessarily the girl in it. A Facebook or Instagram like is not the equivalent of an “I like you.” He’s most likely strolling through his newsfeed bored, and stops to notice that you look hot in your photo. It doesn’t take much effort to click a thumbs up on his computer screen.

2. He buys you a drink.

Most girls don’t mind when a guy buys them a drink, especially if he’s cute and we’re into him, but this is not a marriage proposal either. That vodka cranberry is more like a voucher for a dance or a kiss, than it is a promise of any kind of future relations.

3. He texts you…when he’s drunk.

Don’t read too far into the texts he is sending you at 2 am. They are more a reflection of his inebriated sex drive than a reflection of his feelings towards you.

4. He Snapchats you…when he’s drunk.

The same goes for Snapchat. When he sends you an unflattering picture of his triple chin at weird hours of the night, even if you think it’s funny and entertaining, it isn’t exactly a romantic gesture.

5. He kisses you.

Naturally it only makes sense to kiss a girl you’re interested in, but just because he kisses you does’t mean he wants to date you. The kiss for him might be just that, a kiss.

6. He sleeps with you.

Similar to kissing, if a guy takes you home he might be thinking less with his heart, and more with another one of his body parts. Allowing you access to his bed doesn’t mean you have access to his emotions or his heart. Some guys only sleep with girls they want to date, other guys sleep with girls they have no interest in dating at all. Depends on the guy, but this is yet another meaningless thing he can do that may trick you into thinking he wants more.

7. He tells you that you look good.

It’s in a guys nature that if you look good, he will make it known. It’s flattering and sometimes sweet, but again, it doesn’t mean he wants to date you.

8. He texts you to ask how your day was.

Just because he asks, doesn’t mean he cares. Usually you can tell if a guy is genuine in person, but texting makes things a lot more difficult. My day was fine, I went to work, I came home, I ate, I slept. Then you ask in return and get a similar response, awesome, and again, meaningless.

9. He does you a favor.

He picks up your dry cleaning before they close because you’re stuck at work, he takes your dog out to pee because you can’t miss who gets sent home on The Bachelor, he might just be doing these favors because he’s a nice guy, and he’s your friend. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything more.

10. He tells you about his personal life.

If he tells you about his parents, it does’t necessarily mean he wants you to meet them next week. He is most likely just making conversation. When he says, “I want you to meet my parents,” that’s when he wants you to meet his parents. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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