How To Not Pick Up A Girl In 5 Ways

Flickr / Nicki Ishmael
Flickr / Nicki Ishmael

“You look familiar.”

Chances are the girl you’re saying this to has heard it before. Save her the energy of playing dumb and having to pretend like she might recognize you from somewhere. She doesn’t, and for good reason, because she doesn’t actually look familiar to you. Unless you truly think you’ve seen this girl once before, don’t use “you look familiar” as a pick up line.

“You are beautiful.”

How many other girls have you said that to? That’s exactly what this girl will be thinking when you tell her she is beautiful in order to start a conversation with her. For girls you haven’t yet met, “You are beautiful” can be a compliment that is hard for us to believe. While we may be flattered temporarily, we don’t know you, so whether or not you actually mean it, or are just trying to get in our pants is a mystery to us. If you’re going for a compliment to pick up a girl, try something more specific. “That dress looks great on you” is better than a generic “you are beautiful.”

“Did it hurt?”

When we fell from heaven? No, but hearing that pick up line was pretty painful. Stay away from the cliché, cheesy pick up lines that you most likely looked up on Google. Chances are a girl will never take you seriously if you ask her if there’s a mirror in her pants (because you see yourself in them).

The stare.

Staring at a girl from across the bar is not going to get her back to your bedroom. I don’t care how good looking you are, a girl needs more than just a look. Besides, didn’t your mother tell you it’s rude to stare? Try actually approaching the mystery woman you’re staring at. Nothing annoys a woman more than a man who has enough courage to stare at her the whole night yet not enough to even whisper a word her way. A stare doesn’t guarantee a conversation to follow unless she comes up to you, so stop staring and go introduce yourself.

Acting like an a$$hole.

It is a common misunderstanding that women like a**holes. Insider scoop: women don’t enjoy dating guys who act like complete dbags, they just settle for them because they are sick of searching high and low for the nice ones. Don’t try to pick up a girl by sarcastically insulting her, it doesn’t exude confidence like you think it does. It just makes her see you as another typical cocky guy who thinks you can get a girl into bed by slowly destroying her confidence and building it back up again. Women aren’t construction sites. Do us a favor and save the sarcastic insults for someone you aren’t romantically interested in. This isn’t kindergarten, you don’t have to be mean to the girls you like, and chances are they will like you a whole lot more when you’re nice to them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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