29 Awesome Modern Romantic Comedies That Don’t Insult Your Intelligence

26. Wall-E

There’s a reason that Wall-E was hailed as the defining movie of 2008. Pixar’s best film is a singular masterpiece of science-fiction filmmaking, a movie for kids that plays even better for adults. At the center of its dystopian nightmare is a robot romance you can’t help but fall in love with, a reminder of what happens when movies reach for the stars. If you don’t find yourself tearing up as Wall-E and Eve dance through space, you simply aren’t human.

27. Waitress

In Waitress, Keri Russell reminded America why we all fell in love with her in Felicity. The former teen star brilliantly made the transition to adult fare with Adrienne Shelly’s wistful 2007 comedy-drama, an ode to discovering yourself and the subtle magic of pie-making. Shelly was a gift to independent cinema, a 90s staple who brought out the best in Hal Hartley, and Waitress was her last movie as a director before her untimely death. This film is the perfect way to remember her, one as lovely and amazing as the woman who gave it life.

28. While You Were Sleeping

Sandra Bullock has been in a lot of romantic comedies, and she’s always delightful, no matter how bad the movie around her is. With While You Were Sleeping, though, she has a vehicle around her that’s just as good as her performance. If you can look past the Idiot Plot and rom-com contrivances, you’ll find a sweet movie about falling in love not just with a guy — but with his whole family.

29. When Harry Met Sally

When Harry Met Sally is often credited as the first modern romantic comedy, and there’s a reason its so beloved. This 1989 gem features a glittering script by Nora Ephron that’s like watching a great play on screen, a pairing of opposites that becomes an unlikely friendship and a budding romance. This is about the thin line between hate and love, the way someone changes as you get to know the person underneath. When you open yourself up to another person, you might find out they surprise you. TC mark