23 Terrible Movies So Bad You Absolutely Have To Watch Them

In his My Year of Flops, Nathan Rabin coined the term “shitty miracle” as a twist on the “so bad it’s good” movie mentality. For Rabin, though, this designation didn’t just mean that the film was enjoyable just because it was bad. These were films that were truly special, a hail mary of perfect badness. Rabin writes,

“In a shitty miracle, everything goes awry. It’s not a matter of one sorry element dragging the rest down; it’s every terrible component amplifying the awfulness of everything else. These shitty miracles represent the perfect storm of bad ideas and miscalculation. Everything must line up perfectly for a shitty miracle to occur.”

I’ve been revisiting this concept recently to reflect on some of the more memorably bad movies I’ve seen in recent memory, like The Green LanternGothika, Catwoman, Elizabethtown or The Wicker Man, a movie that needs to seen to be believed. In addition to these disasterpieces, here are 23 other movies that are a special kind of terrible, so bad you need to watch them. These are the best worst movies.

Note: Obvious spoilers ahead.

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