13 Modern Horror Movies That Give The Genre A Good Name

9. The Evil Dead/Dawn of the Dead

The horror remake is a much-maligned task, understandably so. For every success, there’s the next Texas Chainsaw Massacre installment, culminating in Texas Chainsaw 3D, a movie so bad it made me almost wish Leatherface never existed. I wanted to hit the “Undo” key on the series. However, this pair of reboots proved that horror can live again — updated classics for a new generation. The Evil Dead upped the gore, giving us the most violent movie ever made at the studio level, less a horror move than a blood opera. But the criminally underrated Dawn of the Dead remake even improved on its predecessor by toning down George Romero’s ham-fisted social commentary. It was the rare horror movie that didn’t need to beat over the head with a sledgehammer of death. Dawn of the Dead trusted us follow along — and giving us one hell of a ride in the process.


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