29 Current Fads We’ll Laugh At Twenty Tears From Now

1. 732


2. scare_crowe94

DVDs – like records, tapes and VHS are very dated now, a DVD will be a sign of the 2000’s and be completely wiped out by streaming in the next 5-10 years. Its a happening very quickly already.

3. kadmylos

“Keep Calm and X”

4. Social_Mind

We’ll probably look back to dubstep as being so 2010’s, a little like grunge was for the 90’s.

5. bigkamo

Pumping your fist in the air screaming, “YOLO!”

6. hyattk11

I think the fact that we have television channels for shows will become outdated in the next few years or decades. Netflix and similar services getting more popular, spoiled teenagers in 30 years will be all “Oh my god, you guys had to actually wait for a single episode for a week at a time? That’s as crazy as people having to actually get up to use the TV.”

7. mri3iguns

The new fad of shaving the only one side of the head while keeping the rest long. These pics will come back to haunt many.

8. esnaw

Guys who have real short cropped beards. I am guilty of having one too, but all those pictures of us are going to look so 2000’s.

9. Raymond890

Bragging about being from the 90’s, dressing like you’re from the 80’s and listening to music from the 70’s.

10. CrunchyKorm

Shirts with internet buzz-phrases on it like “Swag” or “Trill.”

11. mpavlofsky


12. trolleyfan

“Oh, you and your electricity and running water…”

13. what_is_going

Using cell phones will probably be something that looks really hilarious to people in 15 years. We’ll just have chips in our head or something.

14. Thelochness_monster

The long black socks that teenage boys wear. (You know, the Nike ones.) When I grew up, long black socks with tennis shoes was a look that only old people rocked.

15. MDR88

Twitter and Facebook.

16. DriftwoodBadger

My girlfriend and I have talked about this before. We think it will be the massive flood of digital “folk art” that has arisen from a severely underemployed internet generation coming out of colleges with nothing but broken promises, a shitload of debt and all the time in the world.

17. 1man_factory

Ear gauges and bro tanks.

18. Oysterchild


19. jane_austentatious

Photo filters, anything like Instagram. Every single picture from this era is going to look extreeeeeeemely dated in a very short period of time.

20. fradetti

Fixed gear bikes.

21. _Ab_Aeterno

Fake black horn rimmed glasses. Putting birds on things. Anything mentioned in Portlandia.

22. synachynadodiechodie

Going gluten-free.

23. katm3s

North West’s Fall 2036 kollection will feature “vintage throwbacks” like leather harem pants, chambray, and ombre.

24. NavyBoots4

Shutter shades like Kanye West. Absolute Nightmare.

25. AaronC14

Our obsession with Reality TV.

26. tourettes_on_tuesday

Putting autotune in every fucking song on the radio. It sounded dated to me 5 years ago, and it’s just getting more and more popular.

27. JxC0112

Beats by Dre.

28. Beersyummy

The mustache craze. We’re all going to look back at pictures of parties and such and think; why is everyone wearing/holding/decorating their drink with fake mustaches?

29. zannai

I swear it’s going to be something terrible. Imagine a teenage girl crying on the edge of her bed as One Direction blasts, hugging her vintage Ugg boots to her chest. “Living in the 30s is so not swag,” she moans. “I was born in the wrong generation.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Portlandia/Amazon

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