21 People Confess The Big Secrets That Could Destroy Their Relationship

Every one of us is hiding something, a secret we’re too afraid to tell others, because we feel like it’s too big or they couldn’t accept us for it. These secrets become a part of us, little boxes locked away that we protect. On Reddit, 21 people confessed the secrets they’re hiding — either from their significant other or from the world — and they range from contemptuous to heartbreaking.

Check out these 21 big confessions, and if you feel so compelled, leave your own in the comments.

1. bx8

I was the reason my girlfriend’s brother killed himself.

One night we were sleeping and around 3 A.M., her brother called asking to speak with my girlfriend (much like he did all the time — but usually not this late).

Quick back story, the brother was heavily addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Anyways, so he called in a drunken mess asking to speak with her sister (my girlfriend) and I’m usually very calm but for some reason, maybe I woke up on the wrong side of the bed or whatever it may be. I shouted, “Dude, she’s fucking sleeping, she doesn’t want to speak with you,” and hung up.

Well, turns out he broke up with the “love of his life.” Later that night, he threw himself off an overpass onto the freeway and died.

What sucks is, several weeks/months later she said to me, “I wish he had called me. Maybe he would still be alive today.”

So in the end, I never told my GF or anyone that he had called.

2. Uhlizubeth

I really, really dislike his mother. I’ve never really disliked somebody until her. Sometimes I think about leaving him because I fear having her as a mother in law someday.

3. sally-somf

I am heavily addicted to snorting heroin. When we first met she found out, but at the time she was just a friend of a friend, i didnt care how she felt about it. After a month or so we bumped into each other and I asked her out.

One of the first things she asked me on our first date was if I was sober or not. I lied and said I was “clean.”

We’ve been together for about 9 months now and I’ve been using for 3 years. The main reason she wants me clean is because she doesn’t want to find me dead one day. She even kicked a pill popping friend out of her house when she offered me some. I love her and I don’t want to lose her and I should get clean for my own good but I just can’t stop.

4. soupspa

I masturbate furiously to other women when I’m mad at her. I don’t think she’d dump me for that but she’d get really mad.

5. tiskel

I just started dating a sweet, intelligent, hilarious, super-dorky guy. He is Christian and (I think) quite conservative. His family is quite traditional too. He held on to his virginity for a while and is definitely not the kind of guy who sleeps around.

He is perfect for me in every way. I don’t want to fuck this up.

I have no idea how to tell him I worked as a prostitute for a while, and it’s not something I can keep from him with a clear conscience if this goes anywhere. Pretty sure it will completely change his view on me.

6. scrotum_nachos

I don’t love her but rent.

It makes me sad at myself.

7. Mangy_Moose

I had sex with a prostitute.

It’s a LDR and I don’t love her anymore. Stationed in Korea, and tired of her sneaking around with her ex, and finding out she has feelings for other guys. I’m breaking up with her ASAP. I don’t regret it.

8. Ventmonst3r

I only proposed to her because if I didn’t she would have killed herself.

9. prettyforariot

When I was 14, I (25f) was raped and at some point orgasmed for the first time in my life. Since then, I’ve never been able to cum with another person in the room, but can make myself cum with no problems over and over again. I used to not be able to be touched by anyone without freaking out, but I got help from a therapist and am left with this final wall.

My boyfriend doesn’t know that every orgasm he thinks I’ve had is fake. I really want to tell him because it’s the only thing I’ve ever lied to him about and I think it’s a big nasty lie, however every guy I’ve ever told has either left me because I’m broken or rubs my clit raw trying to be my white knight and save me from my problem without really trying to find out what I really need to overcome it. Doesn’t matter how much I love the sex, apparently I’m only worthwhile if a guy can make me cum.

I’m pretty sure after the initial shock and anger at me lying for this past year, he’ll still love me, but in the back of my head a tiny little voice tells me that when I tell him he’s going to leave me because I’m broken or that my inability to cum is going to ruin our pretty fantastic sex life. Or that I’ll hurt him. I think that’s my biggest worry.

10. jonathan88876

I love mine, and she’s an amazing person, but if my ex were to kiss me right now, it would all be over.

11. ohchick

That I am still legally married.

I don’t have the money for a divorce, left my husband 4 years ago in another state, and wouldn’t know how to contact him if I wanted to.

12. doubledicking

I was going on a few dates with various people, living the single life, and accidentally ended up exclusively dating two of them. I now have two SOs, both are totally unaware of the other. This has been going on for about two months.

I can’t choose between them. Oh man, I’m a bad person.

13. MildlyEnthusiastic

That I’m not gay. I love my SO and would never cheat, but I’m very much straight and miss having [heterosexual] sex.

14. himynameiserica

I try not to hide anything from him, but I can never come out and say that I don’t like his best friend, that’s also a woman. I know that she has feelings for him, but he will never realize it. Everyone can see it but him…and that kills me.

15. blackstacks

I cheated on her with the person she hates the most in the world.. Regretted it immediately and eventually cut off all ties with the person. It’s awkward because we still see her around and have to act like nothing happened.

16. flamedfuckface

That I make the most of my money from distributing illegal substances.

17. hur_hur_boobs

I desperately want to leave for the other side of the earth for a year or two. Not because of her but because for over a quarter of a century I haven’t moved from this place and I need to get out before I have no chance of fulfilling this dream of mine (australia) anymore because of real life obligations.

But of course 6 months before finalizing shit I have to fall in love with most intelligent, caring, patient, sexy blond bombshell I’ve ever seen.

18. n8js

I am not in a relationship because i feel that my secret would be relationship ending. I cannot under any circumstances imagine someone accepting me, especially in a long-term relationship due to the nature of my past. My father molested my sister and beat me up all the time. I feel like any one who hears that thinks, “Why would I want the son of a pedophile to be the father of my child?”

Every time I’m paralyzed in fear when I go to meet anyone new…because I feel like I’m lying or hiding. I just cant get away from it, and it haunts me everywhere i go. I feel like a monstrosity most days, so I don’t meet new people and I feel like I have to just inevitably accept the life of a hermit.

19. questionable2

Secret credit card. We agreed to never rack up bills but I did. I feel like a cheating hypocrite. Also, currently unemployed so no way to pay it off secretly.

20. notme_12345

I am sleeping with her sister on a regular basis. There, I told someone.

21. main_enigma

She’s not as good in sex as my ex was. My ex was wild and was into trying a lot of things. If she wants something, she just asks. She also doesn’t have a problem letting me know when she wants to fuck.

My current SO has a “I’m not a slut so I’m not gonna do that” mentality. Our sex life is pretty average and have been the same routine for the last 2 and a half years. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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