The Most Amazing Anti-Gay Ad You Will Ever See

This week, teabagging just got taken to a whole other level. On Twitter this week, Chris Geidner alerted the world to a new campaign from the Family Research Council, the notorious anti-gay hate group. Headed up by world-class bigot Tony Perkins, the FRC does such things as employing the eldest Duggar, who just moved to DC for a “coveted” job with the FRC, offering the “Christian response” to this week’s SCOTUS decision on Prop 8 and DOMA. Spoiler: It won’t be good. Here’s what Perkins previously had to say on the issue:

“The [definition of marriage]…is rooted in the order of nature itself. It promotes the continuation of the human race and the cooperation of a mother and a father in raising the children they produce. This union can only be protected through amending the United States Constitution. If it’s not, activists will continue using the courts to sell a five-legged dog.”

On top of believing queer people to be mutants (apparently), Tony Perkins also proved he hates canines. The Family Research Council: anti-gay, anti-dog and anti-smiles and -sunshine…probably. He also blamed Boston and Newtown on our culture of “sexual liberalism” (not lax anti-gun laws or our poor mental healthcare system), so the answer is “definitely.”

To get the word out about his (totally modern) views, Perkins and co. recently created an ad campaign to raise awareness about the homosexual madness and promote an upcoming event at the White House, where said response will be offered. America awaits with baited breath and, if these ads are to be believed, open throats.

This is the logo for the Call2Fall campaign, showing that Tony Perkins is so passionate about gay marriage that he’s willing to go all the way and get dirty for Jesus. If promoting God’s law means taking a chubby, he will suck it up. Tony Perkins is in, and it’s all in him. He doesn’t say it here, but I bet Perkins would get on all fours if he had to. He’s that committed.

Family Research Council
Family Research Council

For information about how to get on your knees for inequality, please visit the Family Research Council‘s website at Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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