15 Things You Can Do To Be Your Best Self Today

9. Let go of our anger, envy and hatred. This is a hard one for me. I have this certain Facebook friend of mine (who I unfortunately can’t delete) that I loathe with the fire of a thousand suns, and it used to kill me whenever something good happened for him. I would transform from the gorgeous, hyper-literate vixen you see before you into a swear-spouting mean girl. But you know what I did? Blocked him from my news feed. Ain’t nobody got time to obsess over other people’s accomplishments. Go out and accomplish your own crap instead.

10. Don’t use your iPod all the time. I think there might be an automatic genetic reflex that leads us to plug into our headphones as soon as we leave our houses, and while music is great (and my boyfriend), we sometimes lack awareness when we’re so focused on Frank Ocean. We lose one of our senses and become less present to the world around us. Next time you go for a walk or ride the train, let Frank rest for a second and listen to the soundtrack of the world around you. The world makes such beautiful music.

11. Complain less and make fewer excuses for yourself. Learn to enjoy your life and not always focus on what is bad, what is wrong and why you can’t or didn’t do something. Have you seen Parks and Recreation? Chris Traeger is kind of my life model, except for that part where he got weird and sad. You don’t have to ignore the dark side of life, which (as Chris shows) might make things worse in the long run. You just don’t have to live there either.



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