25 Things You Should Remember To Do Every Day

1. Nourish yourself. Put things into your body that it needs. Skip that soda and grab a Naked Juice or buy a blender and make your own juice! You’ll love how much you save by not buying the store bought stuff.

2. Think about what goes into your body. Take a second to intellectually process your food, consider what’s in it and where it comes from.

3. Do something that’s genuinely for you, something that gives you pleasure. Remember to live for yourself every once in awhile and think about yourself when you’re thinking about others.

4. Look at someone directly in the eyes while they’re speaking to you. Show them how present you are to the conversation, that this interaction and relationship truly mean something to you.

5. Genuinely thank someone for something. It doesn’t have to be for anything they’ve done. You can thank your mother for not drowning you every time you were a total tool as a teenager, your friends for putting up with you or your partner for being the only person you can really be yourself with. Remember how important gratitude is.

6. Try something new. It doesn’t have to be a big thing (like skydiving or something). It can be ordering a different dish that you usually get at lunch or driving home a different way, just to see a slightly different part of the world.

7. If you’re with someone, kiss them like you really mean it. Grab them by both hands and really hold on.

8. Take a moment to just be aware of exactly what you’re doing. Count your steps while you’re walking, actually look around you and pay attention to your breaths. Practice mindfulness and awareness of the present moment. Remember to be in the now.

9. Go easy on yourself. We put so much pressure on ourselves to be everything that those around us need, meet this and this deadline at work or take on a million projects. You don’t have to do everything. You can’t do everything. Sometimes you need to just relax and be.

10. Believe in what you’re doing. If you can’t believe in yourself and your ability to do great things in this life, no one else will.

11. Practice forgiveness and letting go. Statistics show you’ll live longer if you learn to control your anger and frustration and not let it become you. You’ll also be a much better person to know. Also, forgiving other people for their shortcomings helps you to forgive yourself for not being perfect. It’s funny how that works.

12. Smile, even when things are terrible. If you’re depressed and nothing’s going your way, force yourself to grin and hold it there for a minute. It might not make you happy or fix your problems, but remember you have to start somewhere.


13. Do something physical. Get up. Get active. Get out in the world. Stop putting off those resolutions to go back to the gym or go for a run, but do it for you — not to lose ten pounds or fit someone else’s idea of what you need. Do it because you know you can go that extra mile. Do it because pushing yourself is worth it.

14. Treat yo’ self. This highly instructional video will help you do that.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-K4if6QkDbo&w=584&h=390%5D

15. Take a moment to remember you’re not the center of the universe. Think about someone else’s problems. Think about your grandmother and how hard she worked her whole life. Think about your best friend. Think about Lindsay Lohan. That’ll always make you feel better.

16. Remember your family isn’t the “craziest” or “worst.” Everyone’s family is dysfunctional. You don’t have it worse than other people, and even if you do, playing the Oppression Olympics gets you nowhere.

17. Talk to someone about something that’s bothering you — or something that’s wonderful! When we’re so focused on what were doing, we often don’t focus on us. We ignore the internal in favor of the external. It’s important to keep in mind that we’re people with emotions that need tending to.

18. Push yourself to be more open, honest and caring toward those around you. Exercise your heart to be stronger and more trusting and know that others can accept the gift of your candor and realness.

19. Be fabulous. Dress up to sit around the house, make yourself feel sexy and release your inner diva. She’ll be happy to get out for a change.

20. Strike up a conversation with a stranger. Realize that the world is so much bigger than the one we see every day and choose to interact with it. Chase waterfalls. Don’t stick to the streams and rivers that you’re used to.

21. Get off Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LiveJournal, Xanga, Instragram, Pinterest or what have you. Disconnect. Be connected to your own thoughts and plug into your own consciousness. It’s a beautiful thing.

22. Read something. It doesn’t have to be a book, necessarily. Read some poetry, the newspaper, that article you’ve been putting off reading for class. If you don’t like reading, try a book on tape or a podcast. But commit to expanding your mind. There’s a reason it’s your most complex organ. Your brain is an engineering marvel and a miracle of evolution. Be in awe of it.

23. Start something you’ve been procrastinating on. It could be doing the dishes, taking out the garbage, apologizing to your partner (you know what you did!) or remodeling the spare room. But get up off your butt and take charge of your life. Don’t put it off forever.

24. Do something silly. Stop taking yourself so seriously all the time. This might be the most important point on this list.

25. Look in the mirror and tell yourself something nice about what you see. Tell yourself that you are smart, you are kind and you are important. Look at your reflection with gratitude and pride for the person you’re becoming. Above all, remember to love yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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