25 Little-Known Facts About ‘Gilmore Girls’

If you’re a Gilmore Girls fan, then these special insider factoids are a must-read.

20. The show features a number of sets used on other programs. The exterior for the Dragonfly Inn is actually the same one that they used for the Waltons’ house on The Waltons. The sets they use for many of the sites in the town square and its surrounding areas (including Dooze’s Market, Luke’s and the Gazebo) can also be seen in The Dukes of Hazzard and The Music Man. Because it’s Gilmore Girls, the characters make references to all three of these throughout the show’s run.

21. Like the actors on the show, the directors of Gilmore Girls have some cool pedigree. TV shows are directed on an episode-by-episode basis and a long-running show like Gilmore Girls will feature numerous directors throughout its run. In its seven years, the minds behind Gilmore Girls have also been responsible for (take a breath!) But I’m a Cheerleader, 30 Rock, The Middle, Twin Peaks, The Newsies, Hocus Pocus, High School Musical, Mad Men, True Blood, Now and Then, The West Wing, Sports Night, Arrested Development, Dharma and Greg and Golden Girls. Two of those directors are Oscar nominees, and neither nomination is for But I’m a Cheerleader. #injustice


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