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41 Everyday Things That Are Incredibly Sexy

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1. When they text you back right away.

2. When they say, “No, it’s your turn.”

3. When you’re at home in your unsexiest clothes and it still gets them in the mood.

4. When your laundry — the one chore you truly hate — has mysteriously folded itself.

5. When they are wearing a button down shirt — and absolutely nothing else.

6. When they save you leftovers.

7. When you get flowers delivered to your work and don’t even have to ask where they came from.

8. When you are getting on a train together and they put their hand on the small of your back, just for a second.

9. When you can tell they are really listening.

10. When they know what size you wear.

11. When they tell you that they want to wait, too, and you know it’s not a line.

12. When they aren’t too ashamed or too bashful to carry your purse.

13. When they aren’t too macho or too proud to let you pick up the check.

14. When they don’t need you to be perfect, they just need you to be you.

15. When they remembered to put the toilet seat down.

16. When you’re flirting with someone and they notice you have a tattoo, then know what it means without you explaining it to them.

17. When they kiss you in the middle of a sentence.

18. When they aren’t afraid to show you affection or tell you they love you around other people.

19. When you walk in and they are on the phone with your mother and laughing.

20. When you wake up and you are still in their arms, even after a night of endless tossing and turning.

21. When you stub your toe or hurt yourself in a way that clearly isn’t life threatening, but they still ask if you are okay.

22. When you can tell they are about to say “I love you” but are too scared to say it — because they really want you to say it back.

23. When you go to the restroom and they order you another cup of coffee, because they know you well enough to know that more coffee is always the right answer.

24. When they become friends with your friends.

25. When they will go to a movie that you know they are going to hate, only because you wanted to see it.

26. When they don’t notice the incredibly hot person across from you because they’re too busy looking at you.

27. When they remind YOU of your anniversary.

28. When they tell you they were wrong.

29. When you leave your toothbrush in their apartment — on “accident” — and then find it in the holder, right next to theirs.

30. When they are willing to cry in front of you.

31. When they actually look into your eyes.

32. When you go to a restaurant and they pour your glass of water for you.

33. When they know what you are going to say, right before you say it.

34. When they’re wearing your sweatshirt or running shorts.

35. When they’re already gone by the time you wake up and leave a little note for you to remind you to have a great day.

36. When they introduce you as “my _____friend” for the first time.

37. When they actually read that book you recommended.

38. When they make a joke that they know only you will get.

39. When they remember a random fact about yourself you barely remembered yourself.

40. When they tell you that they understand how hard you work.

41. When they ask you how your day was, and they really want to know. TC mark

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  • Michael Koh

    i stopped reading after #5 because it’s so. fucking. true.

    • Hry

      That’s like the worst logic I’ve ever heard.

      • Michael Koh

        Welcome to the internet

  • anon

    41 Everyday Things That Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend Does ion Your First 6 Months of Dating.

    • Anon

      Someday you’ll find someone who will never let this phase of the relationship end.

    • E87

      And still continues to do in 9 months of dating.

    • J.L.

      If they’re worth dating for more than six months, they never stop.

      • Jen Anderson

        And someone that still does these things after years of marriage.

    • Lexi

      Not always. I have someone that does all those things and more. We have been together 15 years. Lucky me!

      • Lexi

        Yes, lucky, lucky me.

  • kaitovillar

    Reblogged this on In the forgotten..

  • Tori

    This is so lovely Nico!

  • twentysomethingconfessions

    So true and perfectly said. Sad that it has yet to happen to me…lol

  • L

    42. When they wake you up from a nap with dinner, AND wine ready.

  • elevendeuce11

    ehhh. the sentiment is there & this is cute & all, but most of this is either high school relationship material/fantasy land or should be basics of a good relationship period. it’s not sexy when he pours my water for me, it’s appreciated, because that’s what people do! & who’s the asshole boyfriend who’s not saving leftovers for his girlfriend? i mean, come on!

  • Priya

    So sweet in the most real, uncheesy way. Now I’m going to go float on a cloud of daydreams.

  • Only L<3Ve @

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  • GideonPARANOID

    Sexy? You get turned on by someone pouring you a glass of water? These are all lovely things, but sexy feels like the wrong adjective.

    • Lexi

      I think the writer meant that these things evoke feelings of gratitude, love and appreciation, which in my experience, can definitely lead to SEXy.

  • Ron Burgundy

    When my girl says “Hey size 34” I get a raging boner because that is really incredibly sexy

    • Dorris


  • Maaaaac

    Cute but.. Too highschool :|

  • indigosociety

    34. When they’re wearing your sweatshirt or running shorts.

    not too sure about that one…

  • Haha

    it should be BY accident, not ON accident :)
    loved it

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  • Ve

    “19. When you walk in and they are on the phone with your mother and laughing.”

    I don’t even do this with my mother. And my current love interest and my mom don’t understand the same language all that well (his English is better than her Spanish though).

    I do feel like if someone did this, especially if we all had a conversation where we could laugh together, I’d probably marry that man.

  • bb

    Really, no one is going to call out the fact that the author used the word “them” instead of “he or she” or just picking a gender and lending us change it in our heads if it’s the opposite? Sorry, I just hate when articles with fundamental grammar issues are published. Other than that, nice article.

    • yeah

      Yeah, it’s awesome that the author did that. Only in America is the third person proper “they/them” weird to use, even though it shouldn’t be. Ever realize that there are definitely not only people of either ‘men’ and ‘women’ in our world? Because there is, and ‘them/they’ is the perfect word to use if you are not trying to assume someone’s gender, which is the not-douchey thing to do. Get with the times old man.

    • Emily

      “He or she” sounds pretentious and simply “he” or “she” are exclusive, and would be improper to use in an article clearly aimed toward any sex. This is not formal writing. Just stop.
      “When he or she asks you how your day was, and he or she really wants to know.” Yeah, that sounds so awesome and makes the article feel personal and relatable. No.

    • Ve

      “Them” is absolutely fine, this is informal writing.

      So pedantic.

  • GAH, sho cutes ^^<3 | sssamanthaaa

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  • janey z. (@deep_spacee)

    this is the worst thing ever. what happened to you, TC?

  • Olive

    Mmmmmm so sexy when he’s wearing my running shorts

  • Didi

    hot damn i’m a catch

  • East Coast Ele

    If only there was a love button :) I liked the inclusiveness created by not making it gender-specific. I completely agree that being thougthtful, sensitive and tender can be sexy and I loved #8. I never thought it was too high school- but then I’ve been in an awesome post high school relationship, so maybe that’s where I’m coming from. Hmmm. I say good one Nico.

  • limseowhwee

    Reblogged this on Jughead Forsythe Pendleton Jones and commented:
    Need I say more?

  • gator girl

    lame. we don’t live in fairy-land

  • Drew

    I love everyone posting about how highschool this is and how it isn’t real, and if it is real it should be expected. It does exist, even after 6 months (3 years for me), and nothing should be expected, but everything should be appreciated :)

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