This Is How I Promise To Love You

Yuri Arcurs
Yuri Arcurs

When I love you, my love will be bigger than all of the love you should have received all combined together. My love will make up for all the times people forgot to make you feel loved and worth it. I will love you like how the darkness swallows the city and how the sun engulfs and warms your soul.

I will take you to art galleries and museums where we can argue on what each artwork really depicts only to agree in the end that it’s all about perspective. Everything is all about perspective… just like how I would always see you as the most beautiful person on earth even when other people don’t think so. We will go on road trips until we reach the very end and we’ll stay there counting the stars in the sky as if we could collect them in our hands.

I will love you like how I love my books. I will read between the lines, asking you questions no one bothered to. I will explore your every depth until I can say that I know you like the back of my hand.

I will write about you daily and endlessly. I will immortalize you with my words. I will write about you in a way that makes anyone who reads it fall in love with you too, but I will also make sure that I will keep a piece of you hidden – a piece of you only for me. I will read you poetry for when you are down, stressed, happy, or even when you don’t know what you are feeling. I will never force you to understand your feelings. Rather, I will help you slowly fathom your emotions and we can experience them all together.

I will always remember the difference between the color of your eyes under the light and in the darkness. I will memorize every resemblance you have with the galaxy and everything in it, like how your eyes are as olive as the lakes in spring, or how your collarbones remind me of a fallen bamboo tree, or how your freckles put the stars to shame.

I will take photos of you when you are not aware of it, because what better way to capture your beauty other than when you are being nothing else but you. Besides, I don’t take photos of the sunset and ask it to do something else other than to simply exist. You will be surprised at how beautiful you are even when you are asleep, dreaming or not. And even when you don’t think you are, I will never get tired of insisting that you are simply because you are, darling. You are.

Every night, I will take you in my arms, and we will drift away to sleep slowly and never wake up apart. I will run my fingers through your hair and trace my fingertips across your skin as if I you are a map and I am a traveler eager to explore your every city. I will sing to your ear to help you sleep and I will kiss your forehead when your dreams are not as nice as our reality.

I will need you like how the snow needs the sun to melt or how the night sky needs the stars to illuminate. I will desire you with every gaze, every touch, and every kiss. I will memorize your morning routine, and how many teaspoons of sugar you put in your coffee. I will hold your hand when we’re walking down the street, driving into the sunset, and even when you’re on your way to achieve your dreams. We will lay out all our plans and dreams on a table and we will be with each other every step of the way.

When I love you, I will never be afraid to let the whole world know. There will be no reservations and no shame, simply because we will be living proofs that love exists even in the most indifferent of places, also proving that two people can ignite a fire to give light to those who are in doubt or lost. I will be willing to sacrifice. I will be willing to undergo days of storm because I have no doubt that in the end you will be both my rainbow and light. I will exhaust all love in my heart and pour them onto yours and I will trust you to do the same.

When things get difficult or if we get lost along the way, I will hold your hand a little tighter, I will sing to you a little louder, I will kiss you a little longer because when a love like ours arrives, I will definitely want it to stay, so I will fight hard even when I have not won a battle before. We will never let go; we will never give up. Because when I love you, it means that you are every reason, every hope, every guarantee, and every answer, and I will do everything to not be in doubt again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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Nica Rodriguez

Nica Rodriguez is an 18 year old student in Manila. She loves to write and hopes to publish her own book someday.

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