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20 Tips to Get Through Your Twenties

Don’t kill anybody. There might be a time in your 20s when you encounter a situation where you’re like, man, I could totally get away with killing this person. Police wouldn’t have a motive. No one would ever know.

The Marathon

Perhaps the strangest thing about all this was how little I cared about who was responsible for the attack. I’m sure I will. I’m sure one day, when I learn who did this, I’ll lose sleep, and feel rage, real rage, and want to see them (or him, or her) killed. I’ll want blood. I’m no better than anyone else.

How To Hack Your Life

Then, after delivered dinner, I drink six Red Bulls, and it’s back to another Serious Work Time to actually get some stuff done. That usually lasts until midnight, and then it’s asphyxiation time!

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