8 Things A Guy Does That Makes You Think He Wants To Be With You, But Not Really

So you’ve met a guy who you want to be with, and he has done some things that make you believe he FOR SURE wants to be with you.

Are any of these the things? Then you might want to think again.

1. Sleeping with you.

So a man just put his business in your business. He wants to be with you, right? Wooooaaaaa. Slow down, ‘what will our wedding song be?’. Two businesses colliding doesn’t always mean good things. Remember the merger between Sony and Michael Jackson? Probably not, but it ended terribly. Michael thought Sony wanted to be with him because they put their business with his. He was wrong, and because of that, nobody heard ‘Butterflies’. He’s seen your butterfly, but it doesn’t mean he wants it around him all the time.

2. You called your vagina a ‘butterfly’ in front of him and he didn’t say anything.

So you’re walking past a table you don’t notice. Boom! You’ve slammed your vag into the edge. Hurt? Yes. But you can’t just yell out, ‘Ow! My vag! My goddamn vag!” in front of a man you’ve just started seeing. So you call it the name you’ve given it. ‘Ow! My butterfly!’ You pause, realize what you’ve done, and wait to see what his reaction is. He doesn’t have one. You’ve just said the pet name you have for your vagina in front of your new guy and he didn’t freak out! He must want to be with you! Woooooaaaaaa. Slow down, ‘time for a road trip to see if we’re ready to live together’. He didn’t say anything, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t think anything. He is NOT INTO that for sure. You think it’s cute, sure, but what would you say if he smashed his junk in a car door and yelled, ‘Ahhhh! My caterpillar!’ … Exactly.

3. Holding your hand in public.

So you’re walking down the street with him, and he starts to hold your hand. In front of other people! In public! He must want to be with you, right? Woooooaaaa. Slow down, ‘hopefully my dad will walk me down the aisle’. Women like men who are with other women. Women don’t seem to be attracted to men who are walking the earth alone and depressed. He started to hold your hand to let other women around know that he’s with a woman, which means he’s worth being with. He’s holding YOUR hand, but hoping that the girl with great legs locking up her bike notices.

4. Saying he wants to meet your friends.

So you’re hanging out, and out of nowhere, he says he wants to meet your friends. He wants to meet your friends? He wants to know some of the people you’ve known your whole life? He must want to be with you! Wooooooaaaaaa. Slow down, ‘I always knew the right one would come along’. A man wanting to meet your friends does not mean that he wants to be with you. He thinks you’re cute, so he wants to see if you have cute friends. Men like looking at women. You’re a woman with access to other women. He’s gonna want you to show them to him! Also, every girl has a friend of hers who she doesn’t trust around men. He’d like to meet her.

5. Saying, ‘I want to be with you’.

A lot of girls fall for this one. The old ‘I want to be with you’ speech. Girls hear it and think, ‘well, he for sure wants to be with me. He just said so!’ Woooaaaa, slow down, ‘we’ll have blue wedding invitations’. Don’t run off and get fitted for a dress just yet. What was the context when he said this? Were you laying naked in each others arms? Maybe he just doesn’t want to have a naked argument. Being naked with a woman is supposed to be a good time, not a time to explain why you’re not at a stage in your life where you can just commit to one person. Explaining yourself while a flaccid penis is floating around? Not a great time. Or maybe he said ‘I want to be with you’ while at dinner. Don’t trust that either. He probably just wanted you to pass the breadsticks.

6. Saying he’s not in this just for the sex.

He’s seen you naked in every position possible, and you want to know if this is going somewhere. So you ask him if this is just for the sex. He looks you right in the eyes, and responds, ‘No. I’m not in this just for the sex.’ Oh, man! That’s the answer! He wants to be with you! Woooooaaaaaa. Slow down, ‘his and hers matching towels.’ Any man who has said this statement has said it for a reason. Does Kobe need to tell you he can hit 3’s? Does Bill Gates need to tell you he’s rich? Nope. So why would a man whose not in it just for the sex have to tell you that? Because he is COMPLETELY in this just for the sex, and is trying to throw you off the trail. If he wasn’t, he would have said, ‘of course not, stupid. Now let’s watch season 7 of Seinfeld again.’

7. Taking you to meet his parents.

‘Oh, wow. I’m meeting his PARENTS. Meeting the parents is a big deal. He must want to be with me!’ Wooooaaaa. Slow down, ‘we’re getting engaged’. Not everyone thinks their parents are cool or care about their opinions. To some, introducing you to their parents is a big thing. It’s a ‘mom, dad, here’s who I love and I want you to meet them because I am close to you’. For others, it’s ‘Look, I don’t like you, and you don’t like me. But for some reason, this is supposed to be a normal thing so I’m doing it. I don’t care if you like this girl or not. I still have unresolved issues with you, and she’s here to be a reason to bail at any minute. I don’t like how you spoke to me? She suddenly has to work in twenty minutes.’ Now you’ve wasted a weekend talking to people that he doesn’t care about. Worse things have happened.

8. He asks you to stay in the middle of the night after sex.

So, you’ve had sex. It’s 2am. You’ve never stayed over before, and he says, ‘why don’t you just sleep here.’ Oh, wow! He just asked you to stay over! He must want to be with you! Woooooaaaaa. Slow down, ‘time to order my train.’ He watched the news that night and heard that there is a guy whose kidnapping women in his area. What happens if you go outside at 2:30 am and are thrown into some maniac’s trunk? The cops will talk to the person who saw you last, the man whose house you just left. And what’s he gonna say to them? “Ummm, I asked her to leave because I’m not ready for a relationship.” Now he’s being questioned about where he was the last four nights that women were kidnapped. His alibi is you, but you can’t be reached because you’re in the back of an Oldsmobile Cutlass that’s heading to the dock where you’ll be sold to human traffickers. Is any of this worth it? No. So stay over, but don’t read too much into it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Angelo González

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