100 Reasons You Should Break Up With Your Shitty Boyfriend

1. Because the memories you keep re-visiting in your mind is just that – memories. When was the last time you felt happy because of him?

2. He’s not going to change, and you shouldn’t either. What you want exists; it’s time to accept it might not be him.

3. Because after being a year in a relationship, at least his immediate family should know about your existence. If he never talks about you with his family, where do you think you really stand?

4. Texting or calling once a week isn’t ok. “What up, babe?” does not make a relationship.

5. You go days without a meaningful conversation.

6. When was the last time he said, ‘I love you’?

7. Because he doesn’t meet your standards. But it’s your fault you lowered them for him.

8. And you shouldn’t have lower standards for someone just because they’re not measuring up.

9. Because he doesn’t treat you with the affection and love you deserve.

10. Did they check him in the hospital? Maybe the only problem is that he has an asshole gene? Can’t get rid of that easily. Run away.

11. Because all he does is make your broken soul and shattered heart a little less lonely. But he can’t mend your broken spirit.

12. Because he is not more than a replacement. A man should be an addition, a value to you, a partner, a brother, a friend, a father, a human who is always there for you, not a half that you are missing.

13. Because you don’t want to re-feel the worst moments you had with him. What was the worst thing he did? Did he make you cry a lot? Was he selfish and forgot you existed?

14. Because you deserve to be wanted. Some people get off on treating their partners as shit. They like when they are wanted, but they don’t want in return, they play, they enjoy the game.

15. Because the power is in your hands and it’s about time to execute that power. Remember when he was the only person you wanted to be with? And how he frustrated you over and over again, how he couldn’t talk to you? How he sighed all the time and made you cry over and over again? You remember, because you will never forget.

16. Because his behavior makes you miserable.

17. Because he abuses you. Be it emotionally or physically

18. Because it is high time to cease all of your waiting. For him to come home, for him to make a move, for him to become a better person, for him to change, for him to magically turn into the guy you want him to be.

19. You’re insecure and depressive sometimes, but he makes you feel worthless and unloved

20. Because if your relationship seems like it is out of convenience, it is.

21. Because you don’t have to stick to another human being if you feel miserable. Let it go. Let him go.

22. Because you don’t have to break yourself to fix him. Take care of yourself. Do you. And there will be a person in your life who will cherish you and respect you.

23. Because you deserve better.

24. Because he never bought you flowers, not once. Maybe it doesn’t qualify as a good enough reason, but in my “book”, men buy flowers for women they are with. Not every day, not every week, not even every month, but a 1 year-long relationship and nothing? Not even one pathetic rose?

25. Because you’re beautiful and you deserve to hear it more than once per year

26. Because you should be treated well, be adored and appreciated.

27. Because you want a kiss on the cheek when you least expect it, a pull closer when you’re sound asleep, a stare from across the room, sweet mockery and hugs from
behind. All those little things he never gave you, you can have, but somewhere else, with someone else, in a different setting, in a whole new story.

28. Because you deserve to be missed and be reminded of it. Why was it always so problematic for him to tell you how much he misses you? Is there a chance he never did and said it because that’s what you wanted to hear?

29. Because he never said “good morning, beautiful”

30. Because you deserve to get unexpected surprises even when you’re thousand miles away

31. Because you have to put an end to his excuses. “Busy”, “not in the mood”. How many of those do you have to endure?

32. Because your head has been blowing up with all the complaining. It is not gonna work.

33. Because you have to figure out who you are. He is not going to help you.

34. Because he makes you feel inferior and that is your fault. You gave him your consent.

35. Because you deserve to be someone’s one and only

36. Because you deserve a real thing, a real man, who will take you on a real date and make those long dead butterflies in your stomach fly. You deserve a man who is gonna treat you right.

37. Because he ghosted you

38. Because he breadcrumbs you like you’re an effing Gretel.

39. Because you owe it to yourself to demand more

40. Because you let him demean you, you let him hurt you and then you make yourself forgive.

41. Because you’re not precious to him, because he checks up on you only when it’s convenient for him, because you’re not special for him, you’re just another girl

42. Because you will never be his priority

43. Because it’s enough. It’s time to stop justifying his actions and the way he treats you

44. Because you have to stop blaming him for not giving you what you want, what you need

45. Because you need to make it right with yourself

46. Because he doesn’t take interest in your passion and aspirations

47. Because instead of supporting you and talking to you about it, he thinks your dreams are far-fetched

48. Because he broke his promises way too many times

49. Because he pretends to care, so you won’t leave

50. Because his embrace doesn’t feel the same anymore

51. Because it is too convenient for him that you are all-understanding and forgiving

52. Because he took the trust you gave him and crushed it

53. Because he doesn’t help your insecurities

54. Because he doesn’t love you

55. Because you can’t fight for this relationship by yourself

56. Because he never really put effort into you

57. Because he can’t be emotionally intimate with you

58. Because you shouldn’t try that hard

59. Because you can’t be the one who always makes up

60. Because he will disappoint you again. And again.

61. Because deep inside you know you are not right for each other

62. Because he ignored you too many times

63. Because you miss him as you miss everything that is dear to your heart, but it doesn’t matter. He will never miss you like that.

64. Because he doesn’t cherish you

65. Because being with him is worse than being alone

66. Because you are good enough

67. And because you are too good for him anyway

68. Because you feel it too. A lot has changed since those two summer months you spent together. You don’t have those feelings for him anymore. And it is ok.

69. Because it is an affair gone wrong and artificially prolonged past it’s expiration date

70. Because, as Bukowski says, you have to “stop insisting on clearing your head – clear your fucking heart instead.”

71. Because love is conditional and he doesn’t “meet” any of those conditions

72. Because he forgot to leave you a bite from that cake, even after you asked him to

73. Because he doesn’t share your excitements anymore

74. Because he doesn’t know how to love

75. Because you don’t really know him

76. And he doesn’t really know you

77. Because you can do better

78. Because his quirks are not adorable anymore

79. You’re not moving forward

80. You’d rather stay at your place and watch Netflix than spend time with him

81. Because you flirt shamelessly and you thought about being with other people

82. Because he lied

83. And cheated

84. And no, don’t you DARE think about forgiving him

85. Because histrionics is all your relationship is

86. You have different goals and you are going two separate directions

87. Because he smothers you with all that affection and “I want us to have future” talks

88. Because he is an undeniable narcissist

89. You fight all the time

Because you are holding onto him just so you’re not alone out there, back in the hooking up culture

91. He brings you down

92. And you don’t want to even try anymore

93. Because there is no valid reason to continue

94. He continually makes poor choices.

95. Because there is no long-term potential

96. Because he never has time for you

He’s clingy

98. Because there’s so much distance between you two

99. He’s inconsiderate

100. And because you’re reading this piece and probably already considering it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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