437 Words To Remind You That You Deserve Better

Danye Topkin
Danye Topkin

I know that you feel worthless and unloved sometimes. Friendships aren’t true anymore. Relationships seem to be out of convenience. Women are treated as disposable. Life is full of pain and secrets.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You don’t have to stick to another human being if you feel miserable. Let it go. Let him go.

We all want the same thing. More than that, we are all going to the same place. Some people find new dangerous ways of getting there, but in overall, it’s all the same.

Being loyal to one human being for the rest of your life is the only consistency that isn’t death. Certainly if that human being is worth it.

Don’t break yourself to mend someone else. Mend yourself, take care of yourself and look for the person that feels right, for the person who wouldn’t want to break you, but put you back together, cherish and respect you.

You shouldn’t feel bad for the things you want. You are worthy of everything you want from your significant other. You deserve better than mocking from a friend who is supposedly in love with you. You deserve better than one little rose, which he didn’t want to buy in the first place. You deserve more.

You’re beautiful and you deserve to hear it more than only on special occasions.

You deserve to be treated well, to be appreciated and adored.

You deserve to be kissed in the rain and you deserve all the little things he never gave you.

You deserve breakfast in bed and flowers without any special reason whatsoever.

You deserve to be spontaneously led to magic.

You deserve to get “good morning” texts, “good night” texts, and any cute text that will remind you how much he misses you and how much he wants to be with you.

You deserve to get unexpected surprises even when you’re thousands miles away.

You deserve to be heard.

No more “I’m busy”, “I’m not in the mood”. How many of those do you have to endure to finally speak up?

You deserve to be taken on a real date.
You deserve butterflies in your stomach.
You deserve a real thing. A real man.
A man who knows how to treat you right.
A man who’s going to write texts endlessly if it’ll make you feel better.
You deserve someone who’s going to be loyal and appreciative of you.
You deserve to be cherished and wooed.
You deserve to be loved.
You are more than just an option.
You deserve to be someone’s one and only. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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