7 Ways Social Media Has Made Modern Dating REALLY Suck

Daria Nepriakhina

1. We Choose Someone Who ‘Looks Better’

Why date someone when there’s a thousand other bodies on Instagram to choose from? There is just so many options to choose from that we aren’t willing to commit to one person. We are never satisfied. Always hungry for more.

2. Potential Partners Already Know Your Past Before Meeting You.

Through social media we can almost learn the entire life story of an individual. There’s no mystery anymore. Due to the constant updates, a potential date can quickly become aware of your different hair colour changes and each member of your family instantly. Before they’ve even met you face to face, they’ve already gathered a tone of information. And so, these public platforms account for the narrowminded attitude people carry when meeting new people because of what they’ve already seen. Ultimately there is a sudden pre-judgement due to what they’ve seen online. This affects future relationships.

3. Social Media Governs Our Trust.

It’s no secret that our relationships are forming over apps. We have become a paranoid, over-protective, jealous, over-thinking generation, determining who our partner is allowed to follow and which photos they’re allowed to like.

4. Tinder Is Our New Breakfast Cereal.

For some, it’s the first thing they wake up to. The first thing they take interest in. We are always searching for instant gratification. Instant affection. Instant pleasure. We are losing the ability to truly connect.

5. We Constantly Broadcast Our Relationships Everywhere, Every Day.

There’s no such thing as a real moment anymore. Instagram feeds are overflowing with couples trying to sell their relationships to prove their love. It’s like it never really happens if you don’t promote it online. Privacy has diminished and other people’s opinions have become more important.

6. We Don’t Question Anymore, We Believe Everything We See.

Couples seem to only broadcast the highlights on social media. We see it and wonder why we don’t have it. Self-doubt begins to arise. We compare our relationship to other couples constantly. We think we have to be as adventurous or as IN LOVE. Its like a competition. We become so obsessed with an online relationship that we think we need to have it too. But is it really an honest portrayal of their relationship?

7. We Are Surrounded By Artificial Standards Daily.

I believe this factor is completely out of hand. And I hate it. In this day and age, we are regularly influenced and motivated by relationship memes and what the perfect relationship should be. It sets unrealistic standards. We glorify these over-dramatized fulfillments and expectations that simply aren’t realistic. We’re just setting ourselves a trap for disappointment. Have you ever imagined how different your dating life would be if there was no social media at all? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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