Stop Fighting For A Love That Feels Like This

We all know what it feels like to love someone from afar, wishing for them to love us back. We also all know the feelings of despair when our love is slowly fading, taking all the good memories and experiences away with it. It hurts knowing that we no longer have the same love as we did at the beginning. However, one thing we should never do is settle.

Stop fighting for a love that doesn’t make your heart full. A love that leaves you wanting and needing more, wondering whether you’re their priority. A love that isn’t honest and unwavering doesn’t deserve your work, devotion, and time. A love worth fighting for will make your heart content, wishing that it found its counterpart way sooner. It will reassure you time and time again that you are important.

Stop fighting for a love that leaves you feeling restless. Feeling unsteady, unsafe, and unsure, as if you’re uncertain of their love for you. Making you question all their words and action, fearing that one day, they’ll leave without giving you a reason. Real love makes you feel certain, pushing all the uncertainties and doubts out of your head.

Stop fighting for a love that doesn’t inspire you. A love that lacks ambition, passion, and commitment. A love that chooses to settle rather than live the happily ever after. Instead, fight for a love that makes you want to become the best version of yourself. A love that leaves you wanting more out of life, to spend it living to the fullest alongside your lover. That love will drive you with passion and its calmness, helping you achieve everything you have ever dreamed of.

Instead, fight for a love that pushes you while accepting you the way you are. Excites you while making you feel calm and secure. Loves you unconditionally while giving you your space to grow. A love that’s worth fighting for will show you how beautiful it is, and you will have no doubts that it’s real. All uncertainties will disappear in the wind. And you will know that it’s meant to be.

Wait for it. It’s worth it.

Writer. Photographer. Dreamer.

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