5 Types Of Socially Inept People

The Perks of Being a Wallflower
The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Let’s face it; we have all experienced a degree of social ineptness at some point in our lives. Society sets social standards to facilitate constructive interactions, though we may not always adhere to them. Here are some examples of people who don’t quite conform to the unspoken social code of conduct:

1. The Socially Awkward

These people enter a conversation with good intentions but have poor execution. They tend to ask overly personal questions or tell jokes that nobody laughs at. They aren’t trying to make you feel uncomfortable- in fact they want nothing more than to be accepted- they just have a hard time expressing themselves with ease. Usually they spend a long time analyzing how they acted in social settings and what other people think of them, often evoking greater insecurity and lack of confidence in their ability to socialize.

2. The Inconsiderate

These people either don’t care about or are not aware of the feelings of those around them. They are loose with their words and often say things without thinking, many times as jokes that go too far, and don’t notice when they have offended others. They can’t handle serious situations well and usually need other people to reproach their manner of speaking.

3. The Humble Bragger

These people either intentionally or unintentionally try to let others know how amazing their lives are by covering it up with some form of self-deprecation. They wish to show off their successes and good fortune, and believe that doing so through more subtle means makes it socially acceptable. This usually happens via Facebook posts, Instagram photos, or other sorts of social media where the world can see.

4. The Attention Hog

These people are usually good at public speaking and exercise this in every social setting. They thrive on being the center of attention regardless of how pointless the things they talk about are. They are quite adamant when it comes to their own opinions. When they have something to say they will make sure that people hear it, often more than once.

5. The Loner

These people choose to stand in the corner and away from humanity in social circumstances. You can’t really tell if it’s because they are just super shy or because they actually hate everyone. However in one-on-one settings, these people are usually quite nice to spend time with. The bigger the group, the more isolated they become. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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